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InfoTouch Corporation has been developing POS software solutions for successful small and large businesses for over 30 years. If you are seeking a robust, scalable, stable, time tested POS solution to manage and maximize your company’s efficiency while increasing your profitability, then look no further than an InfoTouch POS Software system. Our systems provide scalability for single store users and multi-store chains with time and attendance modules, full back office, complete inventory tracking, robust security and thousands of reports all at your fingertips. In fact, we are the original designer of touch screen POS interface for retail businesses.


InfoTouch Corporation® provides the highest level of security for your business. Supporting EMV transactions in the US coupled with Point to Point Encryption technology with every transaction. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are also accepted.

Loaded with Features

If your business software system doesn’t seem to have everything you’re looking for, please contact us today. The time tested InfoTouch POS Software Platforms offer both flexibility and scalability for your business needs. With our 30 years of development experience servicing both small independent business and national chains we are uniquely qualified to review with you the advantages of an InfoTouch POS software Platform. Our POS Software is both affordable and scalable and can provide your company the ability to tighten your cash flow, identify sales trends, analyze margins, reduce shrinkage, elevate your customer’s experience, and enhance your profits. Please contact us today to see if we can help!

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Available On Mobile Tablets


Windows 7, 8 & 10


Automated Replenishment PO’s


Scale Integration at the POS


Employee Time & Attendance


Sophisticated Commission Tracking


Complete Customer Sales History


EMV certified with Gift & Loyalty

Reports and Profitability

Our solutions provide flexible and customizable reporting options. InfoTouch POS Software Platforms provide your business the reports and information to allow you to manage employees and maximize cash flow while increasing your business profits.


Print, track & run: Sales, Inventory, and Inventory Valuation reports by department, location or for any individual item.


Review Inventory turns, retail margin and movement reports by $ or by % of profit within departments, categories or items.


Run reports inside any date range for any areas described above.


Any search or report queries can be viewed over any date and time range needed.


Review employee log in reports for audits and attendance as well as commission reports and hours worked.

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InfoTouch POS Software System Benefits

The InfoTouch family of products constitutes the bestselling touch screen POS software for retailers. Designed from the ground up for touch screens, for over 30 years our state of the art software is the easiest to use, historically stable and the most comprehensive POS software available. The software is easily tailored to match the specific requirement of a wide variety of vertical market business segments. The POS software initially came to prominence when it was selected by Kinko’s, to run that company’s 1000+ stores, by John Deere to run their agricultural retail stores and by 1-800 Flowers. Today, InfoTouch is in use on 3 continents, and is servicing thousands of locations in the USA.

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Reduce transaction times: 33–50% checkout throughput improvement


Reduced errors at POS


Improve the customer experience


Software changes and updates can be downloaded


Identify slow moving inventory


Improve cash flow


Increase inventory turns


Reduce employee theft


Identify sales trends


Manage receivables


Monitor sales performance


Expand efficiency and profits


Target market w/email promotions


View any customer’s entire sales history

image of tablet with screen of InfoTouch POS

Customer Endorsements

  • Lacy

    Glenwood Gardens

    “The ease of use when operating the InfoTouch POS system has made managing thousands of items in our inventory much simpler. Quick response time makes this POS system a valuable part of our business. My employees and I had an easy time learning to operate it, as well. The money spent is well worth it!”

  • Mary

    Sweet Celebrations

    “InfoTouch software has greatly enhanced our retail business. It brought our company into this century. Prior to InfoTouch, we did all of our transactions on old fashioned cash registers. We had no ability to track customer purchases or to offer any kind of loyalty program that would be easy to manage. The other benefit is that our employees don't have to guess at prices, everything is in the system and they know how to easily get the correct price. I would highly recommend InfoTouch software, best price, best customer service, best software.”

  • Jeremy

    JP’s Liquor Wine and Beer

    “InfoTouch is an easy system to use especially for the employees at the point of sale, not much training involved.  I like the ability to use case discounts on wine so the employee only has to ring in the product and not do any math.  I also like the ability to have one UPC and be able to ring in a single can, 6 pack or a case. The inventory management of the software is great and also being able to run many different reports to help with buying decisions is very helpful.”

  • Megan

    Port City Copy Center

    “I’ve been an InfoTouch customer for years now and I don’t regret a minute of it!  I use the point of sale system for my copy and print business and it has been so nice to have a streamlined register system to be able to ring customers out with ease and have access to detailed reports.  One of my favorite features is being able to suspend a sale.  When a customer drops off an order, we can ring in all the pieces to the sale and recall it when they come in to pick it up; this saves a lot of time!  I will never consider getting a different POS system!”

  • Keith

    New Woodstock Station

    “Prior to opening our C-Store, we looked at many POS systems. InfoTouch not only provided us with the system we were looking for but they also provided excellent service and support. I would recommend InfoTouch to anyone looking for a professional point of sale system for their business. ”

  • Sam

    Winston’s Pipe and Cigar

    “InfoTouch has been a great investment for our cigar store. The system is very intuitive and easy to use, making training of employees quick and simple. But it is more than just an easy to use POS system. The in-depth sales analysis, along with the great inventory reports from the software make our jobs easier and our store more profitable. “After the sale” support has also been great with quick replies to any concerns or questions. ”

  • Kevin

    KZ Farm Supply

    “I have been using Info Touch Software and have found it has made my business life easier. I can keep up with inventory, track all my sales and manage my employees with ease. It has also made it easier for my employees to train and operate the system so I can take a day off without worry! Thanks Info Touch.”

  • Becca

    Pump House Thrift

    “With so many software options to choose from it can be daunting to select what’s best for your business. Infotouch has provided our business with the most user-friendly software and the most genuinely helpful staff. Their system is simple yet effective. It provides me with everything I need and nothing I don’t. Our rapport gives me the confidence to know I’m not just a quota and that InfoTouch believes, as we do, that relationship is the key to good business.”

  • Kathy

    Ace Firearms

    “Thank you InfoTouch for streamlining our business! We purchased our store almost 2 years ago with no experience. I’m so glad I found your system. Training was great! You got us up and running smoothly. I now have an inventory system I can rely on, sales reporting that is easy to find, and better business management all around. Can’t say enough, great system!”


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