Enterprise Manager 3.0 Cloud

The Competitive Difference is Clear.

Unlike most other competitors, Enterprise Manager, the InfoTouch Store to the Core™ software, is truly that: A software platform that provides you control through the Enterprise POS system, not just roll up reports! Modern computer based POS is all about the screen, button and workflow design. With Enterprise Manager, you have a level of precise control for centralized screen button layouts, appearance and operational modifications, data control (import/export/report) and a myriad of other system level settings that you are able to “send” to a single store or an entire Enterprise with the push of a button. Where security and standardization is important, only Enterprise Manager from InfoTouch allows you to really “manage” the POS software’s appearance and behavior with control from a central system. This is so much more than report writing and data gathering for roll up to management.


Managed through a hierarchy of districts/regions/areas.

InfoTouch Enterprise Manager graphic


In an office or anywhere on a laptop connected through your EM seat license.

InfoTouch Enterprise Manager graphic

Multi-Store Functionality

Create Profiles

Beyond the ability to manage things like inventory, customers and employees, Enterprise Manager allows corporate users to centrally control and transmit to stores things like:

  • Tax rate/table changes
  • System set up characteristics
  • Changes to screen layouts
  • Security level changes (EM uses a role-based security implementation seen in this screen shot)
  • Database security, maintenance and synchronization
  • Stored Value cards
image of tablet with screen of InfoTouch Enterprise Manager interface
mage of tablet with screen of InfoTouch Enterprise Manager interface

Purchase Orders

Enterprise Manager includes a Replenishment module to centrally manage and control all purchasing for a retail chain – stores and warehouses alike.

Purchase Orders can be created at headquarters using the following methodologies:

  • Store and Enterprise Sales History
  • Store and Enterprise Order Triggers
  • Vendor-based PO processing
  • Ad-hoc/Scratch

PO’s can be sorted, modified and viewed by:

  • Open PO’s
  • Backordered PO’s
  • Received PO’s
  • Returned PO’s

Reordering can be completed using:

  • Preferred Vendors
  • Specific Vendors
  • Lowest Cost Vendor
  • Fastest Ship Time Vendor


By utilizing the powerful tools provided by Crystal Reports, Enterprise Manager can retrieve information for the entire operation as well as analyzing detailed data by individual item at store-level. Reporting categories include:

  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Executive
  • Corporate
  • Transactions
  • Employees

The Reports module also accommodates label printing, use a report style printer or a barcode specific printer at each store or at headquarters.

mage of tablet with screen of InfoTouch Enterprise Manager interface
image of tablet with screen of InfoTouch Enterprise Manager interface

Modify Inventory

Management of inventory, customers and employees can be accomplished in a store by store, district by district, region by region or chain-wide basis.

Inventory features included:

  • Single Item, Multiple Items or Matrix (i.e. sizes, widths, styles, colors) mode
  • Single or Multi-store mode
  • Permanent or Temporary (Sales, Promotions) status

Employee features include:

  • Creation and management of Shift Plans
  • Creation and management of Commission Plans (including commissions, spiffs, bonuses, contests, multiple wage rates)

Customer features include:

  • Loyalty program pricing/price levels
  • Category tracking for CRM functionality using addresses and emails, birthdays, etc.
  • Bad Check maintenance
  • Credit card maintenance
  • In-house charges

Enterprise Manager Modules

InfoTouch POS Inventory Control Interface Module


Using the same graphical user interface found at the store level with Store Manager™ ES, you have the flexibility to control all aspects of the inventory record for system-wide accuracy and consistency. Individual stores can query inventory levels at other locations across the various districts, regions, and areas of the operation. Promotional pricing, multiple price levels, matrix support, and quantity-unit pricing are just a few of this module’s robust features.

InfoTouch POS customer Module


Customers are consolidated into a single database at corporate. Customers created at one store in the chain can be communicated to and accessed by all other stores, including complete sales history. Customer Profiling allows for unique pricing by customers, frequent buyer programs, and item-level sales history. Supports customer relationship marketing or CRM including email campaigns based on purchase history.

reports module icon

Integration with an ERP

Enterprise Manger’s Store to the Core can be customized and integrated with your back office systems on an individual case basis. Since the core system data model is implemented with Microsoft SQL, we have been able to design and install connectors that operate in real time with sophisticated corporate Enterprise Resource Plans which leverage your major systems investments with tight integration to the Point of Sale data delivery and control infrastructure from InfoTouch Enterprise Manager Core.

InfoTouch POS Replenishment Module


This module aids in reordering and managing inventory across the chain. Enterprise Manager centrally processes store requisitions to a warehouse, store-by-store reordering, warehouse replenishment, and store-to-store transfers. By using the Purchase Order module, you can order product based on store-level or enterprise-wide inventory triggers, store-level or enterprise-wide sales history (with seasonal adjustments), as well as vendor-based reordering.

InfoTouch POS Sales Information module

Sales Information Module

Some businesses are seeking a minimal amount of information from the Store to the Core Enterprise Manager software. Their stores or franchises run autonomously and the information needed from the businesses is minimal. For these clients we have a Sales Module that only provides reporting on the (Daily/Hourly) sales totals while compiling all end of day sales totals for review.

InfoTouch POS Reports module icon


Using the Crystal Reports engine, you can analyze all of your store operations through the robust set of Inventory, Customer, Employee, and Transaction reports that are standard. Senior executives can use the exhaustive set of tools to drill down through the graphical presentation of information to manage their business. Enterprise Manager is an ODBC-compliant system built on the SQL Server database engine that allows retailers to write custom reports to address their unique business requirements.

InfoTouch POS Employees module

Employee Module

Maintain all employee information for all stores at your headquarters including wages (salary or hourly), commission and draw, bonuses, contests, and product spiffs. Schedule your employees using common or personalized shift plans. This module also creates and manages employee role-based security information.

InfoTouch POS Setup module icon

Setup Module

The Setup Module sets the parameters and business rules for store operations. Role-based security settings, tax rates/tables, currency conversion charts, editing tools for the buttons on the touch screen, maintenance of the hierarchical relationship between districts / regions / areas, and customer price levels are just a few of the system settings that you can maintain and modify centrally.

InfoTouch POS Setup module icon

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are an optional multistore feature that can be added to any Store to the Core client. Keeping the gift cards on the same internal system with the loyalty program, both in real time, is an option available to any business.

Communications and Technical Information

Microsoft Visual Studio.net languages logo

Enterprise Manager Cloud is implemented with Microsoft Visual Studio.Net languages. The database is implemented in Microsoft SQL running in a datacenter implementation (currently SQL 2012 version stepped up as needed). InfoTouch store side merchant products communicate with Enterprise Manager via an embedded VPN session between the InfoTouch data cloud and the merchant computers. This is a state of the art embedded communications module which is fully encrypted and secured. Enterprise Manager does not require any specialized hardware (beyond the POS equipment to support the Store software) at merchant locations.


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