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InfoTouch software has been providing POS software solutions for Feed Stores for over 30 years. InfoTouch was a founded in 1986 to empower independent business owners with robust, stable and powerful POS software solutions. Below we have highlighted just a few of the powerful features and functionalities available to you when running and managing your business with the POS software for Feed Stores. Providing: seamless integrations with scales, Quantity Unit Sale Pricing, Quantity Weight Sale Pricing, Instant Conversion Calculations by weight, volume using Imperial (US) or Metric and a complete customer sales history with easy to use touch screen adjustments for any work order or sale on the fly.

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Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Feed Stores is EMV Ready with P2P encryption. Integrated credit, debit, EBT, gift cards and loyalty cards work out of the box.

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1. Managing Taxable and Nontaxable

You have the ability in the software to adjust tax status for any customer by line item or by the total sale. Adjusting from or to taxable or nontaxable status for any item. This can be performed by any employee with security clearance, on-the-fly, at checkout or can be preset for any customer in the profile of that customer inside the customer database. Presetting all this in the database to that customer’s profile greatly reduces errors and problems at the checkout while providing the customer with a fast and professional experience when placing an order, setting up a work order and checking the customer out face to face.

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2. Multiple Units of Measure

Read and convert Random Weight purchases or sales. In any Feed Store you have to be able to manage, receive, sell and accurately track by multiple units of measure. You can perform conversions for any unit of measure, pounds to ounces, gallons to ounces, etc. You can individually: scan, sell, track, and analyze sales by any configuration or by any unit of measure accurately and precisely. Receive by the ton, pound, gallon or cubic yard and sell in smaller denominations by the pound, ounce, etc. Every item can be tracked back to a single SKU. Run reports for all the items received in any configuration you desire. No matter how it is received or sold if you break down larger quantities to smaller ones for sale you will still have accurate real-time costs, quantity on hand and margins for all products sold.

InfoTouch POS Allows Fractional Quantities feature icon

3. Allows for Fractional Quantities

Take any sale down to the 4th decimal point to allow for fractional quantities received or sold. Adjustments to fractional quantities can be made at any time and even adjusted at checkout with the proper security clearance.

4. Multiple Price Levels

You have the ability to source every Inventory item with up to 10 different selling price levels. This allows you to: check out a wholesale customer that is receiving their value added price level discount while still protecting your margins. Any individual line item changes can also be made on-the-fly at checkout with the proper security clearance.

InfoTouch POS Accounts Receivable Module feature icon

5. Full Accounts Receivable Module

Integrated with every system is an A/R module. Print Statements, manage account receivable clients and take full or partial payments by any tender at any terminal from any wholesale client immediately at the POS and apply these payments directly to an invoice or the account. This module ties to the customer database. Set up any customer and apply a discount level from the 10 available. Set up terms and extend or deny credit with limits in their profile. Preset any taxable and nontaxable items for that specific customer. As a wholesale customer you can allow them to pay on account, pay down their credit line during a purchase or at any time, and you can offer timely payment discounts or you can offer additional discounts or incentives for payment by credit card, debit card or cash.


Any tender type will work seamlessly and all tendered payments are to industry standards. InfoTouch POS Software for Feed Stores. provides you the ability to: set credit limits, post payments, view, print and email out statements to customers, companies, or buying co-ops at any time, take payments link multiple accounts to a master account for co-op buying groups. Age balances with flexible balance periods and apply any service charges supported for past due accounts.

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6. Quantity Unit Pricing

This feature allows you to set up a threshold for a price then if that threshold is achieved the software will charge a new lower price for the items. This also can tie in directly to the wholesale sourced pricing you have already set in your customer database.
For Example:

  • Buy 1-5 bags of feed and receive the standard price
  • Buy 6-10 bags of feed and receive a different set price
  • Buy 11-15 bags of feed and receive another preset price
  • Buy 16 or more bags of feed and receive another preset price for the bags

The software even allows you to scan the bags or just one bag enter the quantity and the new price will appear on the screen when building an order or checking out a customer.

Additional Key Features

Quotes, Bids, and Work Orders

The POS Software provides you the ability to generate quotes and bids for projects or landscaping jobs without depleting from standing inventory. Generate work orders and future delivery orders that can be adjusted.
For Example: A client orders 10 cu yds. of feed and only takes delivery of 5 cu yds. The software provides you the ability to adjust the order to get to the corrected price and quantity. Add in Labor, or Hours + Delivery Charges to any quote or bid as line item.

Look Up/Search

Look Up/Search: You have the ability to find any inventory item 6 different ways in seconds for a customer or when constructing a PO. The POS Software allows you easy access to search all real-time inventory from any terminal or tablet. Search by:

  • Key Word/Wild Card Search
  • UPC
  • Alternative Key
  • The notes that are referenced to the item
  • Location on premises
  • The vendor/distributor number


Run 1,000’s of different reports in real-time with date ranges and other sort field options. Inventory sales reports, Sales history reports, Standing Inventory valuation report, Sale turns, and Retail margin by item or department to name just a few of the popular reports.

Replenishment Module

Set MIN/MAX quantities for every inventory item so a PO will trigger in replenishment automatically and print out with the daily close reports every night any items reaching their minimum quantity on hand. Execute the PO and review from your vendor list identifying: fastest ship, lowest price, best terms and other factors before finalizing the PO.


When editing or adding to a purchase order you can have the ability to review the entire sales history for any inventory item on the same screen and at the same time you’re compiling or finalizing any purchase order.

Generating Email Marketing Campaigns

Integrated within the customer database providing you countless ways to pull and market to your customers. Every customers buying patterns & purchases can be used. Send out marketing promotions or specifically targeted lists can be surfaced allowing you target market to customized groups, organizations or only high volume purchasers.


Offer special discounts to help move out seasonal inventory items or slow standing inventory. With the InfoTouch POS Software you can pull a specific direct marketing email campaign filtered through the information contained within the customer database.

System Security

All InfoTouch software systems come with 8 standard levels of security access. Each employee added to the security has a customizable profile that allows you to fully customize access and permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common. This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels.


All the security functions work for single store operations as well as Multi-Store chains that run the InfoTouch “Store to the Core” Enterprise Manager software.

Manage, Adjust or Delete Inventory w/Audit Reports

All adjustments to all inventory quantities are tracked and can be reported on using the Inventory Quantity Audit Trail report. Options include a selectable range of items to report on as well as a selectable date/time range. The report shows all adjusted items including the reason (such as spoilage), quantity, and value at average cost at the time adjusted.

Average Weighted Cost

The POS Software for Feed Stores provides you the average weighted cost of your inventory always in real-time. This allows you to manage, track and generate both movement and P&L (profit and loss) reports on your sales and standing inventory value.

Multiple SKU’s

The software provides you the ability to assign multiple SKU’s for any inventory item. You can track, create and pull reports for up to 160 alternative SKU’s for any individual inventory item. This provides you flexibility and allows precise tracking, management and reordering of all your inventory no matter which vendor you purchased from or are restocking with the inventory item from.

“I have been using Info Touch Software and have found it has made my business life easier. I can keep up with inventory, track all my sales and manage my employees with ease. It has also made it easier for my employees to train and operate the system so I can take a day off without worry! Thanks Info Touch.”

Kevin – KZ Farm Supply
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Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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