POS Software for Gun Shops and Firearms Centers

InfoTouch was founded in 1986 to empower independent business owners with robust, stable and powerful POS software solutions. InfoTouch POS software for gun shops and firearms centers is designed   to help owners of new stores, existing stores or if you’re just researching opening a new store to maximize, manage and elevate the systems that assist you to: track, sell, report, quickly account for, market and increase profits in your business.

InfoTouch POS Software is EMV ready and is firearms friendly.

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At InfoTouch Corporation we have been empowering retail businesses by providing owners the tools; through our POS integrated transaction software systems, that allow their businesses to reduce shrinkage, enhance margins, manage inventory and quickly replenish inventory, thin out slow movers and receive greater inventory turns, providing you the tools to maximize cash flow and profitability of your gun shop or firearms center.  Gun Shops and Firearms Centers are thriving independent businesses and InfoTouch has compiled an excellent POS solution with all the needed functionalities and some unique expandable options that are available for you to run your business as well as provide you the unique integrated ability for accounting interfaces and a unique ability to take reservations for and manage your certification classes, and book time on your shooting range both in-store and online.

POS Software for Gun Shops and Firearms Centers provides:

software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

  • Serialized inventory tracking for every purchase. This is a key feature that any compliant gun shop or firearms center must have to properly execute and maintain a quality integrated POS software solution.  This feature is available for multi-stores or in a stand alone location and provides complete tracking of every item purchased from purchase to sale.
  • Integrated ATF Compliant Bound Book providing the reports necessary to track every gun, rifle, or firearm with its serialized inventory tracking number.
  • As a retail outlet for firearms, every gun shop or firearms retail store must comply with the ATF industry standards to notify the Acquisition and Disbursement database.
  • If you gun shop offers firearms repair and service the software provides you with all the tools to run a service shop with work orders to track and manage customer repair orders. and profit from repairing, retooling and providing your customers this service.
  • Special order tracking system. Inventory can be out of stock or a customer would like a specific item that may not be regularly carried by the retail shop or center. Anything can be special ordered with or without deposits and tracked from order to the final sale.
  • InfoTouch POS Software for Firearms provides you 6 different ways to search and find any inventory item in REAL-TIME. The most common is the wildcard searching for any inventory item by name or only the first few letters of the inventory name. All these searchs are available in real-time:
    • Key Word/ Wild Card
    • UPC
    • Caliber
    • Notes for the item
    • Location in the store
    • By the manufacturer/vendor
    or more, depending on the customer maintenance of the database.
  • Sophisticated pricing levels can be preset with available features like quantity unit pricing, buy one get one free, buy one get 50% off your next purchase and you can also set up to 10 different price levels per item for different customer classifications that purchase from your store.
  • With the POS software for gun shops you can preset any sale start date and end date automatically triggering that sale for one store or all locations.
  • Sophisticated multiple commissions tracking for any specific item,
    • Departments,
    • Categories,
    • Vendors or
    • Manufacturer
  • Split commission between multiple sales people, trainers, educators, safety instructors.
  • Integrated credit card, debit card and gift card is available for businesses right out-of-the-box.
  • The intuitive touch screen interface works for you because it both lowers employee errors at retail and enhances speed at check out for all stores.
  • POS software for gun stores and firearms centers provides you the functionality to set MIN/MAX quantities for every inventory item so a PO will trigger for replenishment automatically and print out with the daily close reports every night.
  • When filling out a purchase order you can have the ability to review the entire sales history for any inventory item on the same screen and at the same time you’re compiling your purchase order for that item.
  • The POS software also provides layaway features that can trigger w/without deposits for your customer.

POS Software for Gun Shops and Firearms Centers:

Standard features include:
software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

  • With the customer database that tracks every sale you are also provided an extensive notes fields for each customer to allow customized information for each client.  What items they commonly purchase, special programs, sales they are interested in, and purchasing history along with any generalized information can be added to the notes field for any customer.
  • Over 100 reports come standard with thousands of variations. Inventory sales reports, sales history reports, standing inventory valuation reports, inventory sale turns, and retail margin by item or department are just a few of the thousands of report variations available to you.
  • The accounts receivable package can print statements and billing summaries on the spot from any POS system or on a monthly basis can be generated with all other accounts receivables for mailing email statements.
  • Accept a payment on the account and post it in real time.
  • Integrated credit card, debit card, and gift card for retailers working out of the box.
  • The intuitive touch screen interface both lowers employee errors at retail and enhances speed at check out with every InfoTouch POS software for gun shops and firearms centers.

InfoTouch POS software for Gun Shops provides your business the tools to:
software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

  1. Enhance your cash flow by controlling costs, managing employee schedules, managing products purchased, products in transit and managing the inventory turns at your gun shop or firearms center.
  2. Provide a system to track customer loyalty and gift cards.
  3. Robust
  4. Scalable
  5. Flexible
  6. POS Sale Software solution providing you store the ability to manage and track all sales
  7. 1 to 60 terminals in any location.
  8. POS software solutions are available for single locations or chain stores.
  9. All employees can log in and log out from any location


POS Appointment Booking optional Management Software Features:

  • Expand your clientele with an integrated POS appointment booking manager offering services and booking for your business to an expanding clientele base.
  • Take and schedule appointments
  • Send out text message and email reminders of all appointments
  • Offer classes
  • Offer and book times for target practice at the range
  • Offer courses for certification of handguns
  • Offer safety courses
  • Profit when you switch to the InfoTouch POS software for gun shops today.

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With 26 years of experience you can trust InfoTouch POS software for gun shops and firearms centers. It will provide your business and customers with stable, robust, Point Of Sale software solutions for your business.  At InfoTouch we provide systems to track transactions.  InfoTouch POS software for gun shops and firearms centers provides retailers the ability to make and track quick, cost effective transactions, market your business with free email blasts, track and view all sales history for every customer and provide your customers VIP discounts and marketing to know about new products carried and new promotions. Enhance your customers experience, track and manage your business so you can hit the target every time.

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