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InfoTouch was founded in 1986 to empower independent business owners with robust, stable and powerful POS software solutions. InfoTouch POS software for Gun Shops and Firearms Centers is designed to assist owners of new stores, existing stores, single stores or multi-store originations. Maximize, manage and elevate the systems that assist you to: track, sell, report, bundle, market and increase your sales and profits. An Integrated ATF compliant bound book comes standard with every system tracking all new and used purchases, PO’s and sales. Optional integrated gun range management module is also available for reserving range times for individuals and classes.

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Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Gun Shops is EMV Ready w/Point to Point Encryption. Integrated credit card, debit card and gift card and loyalty cards working out of the box.

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1. Fully Integrated ATF Compliant Bound Book

As a retail outlet for firearms, every gun shop or firearms retail store or chain of stores must comply with the ATF industry standards and the POS Software for Gun Shops and Firearms Centers has full integration for this at the Point of Sale. This provides your business, the integrated formatted reports inside the software with the business logic necessary to track every gun, rifle, or firearm with its serialized inventory tracking number and produce the ATF formatted reporting. This works for both Multi-Store businesses using the EM “Store to the Core” Enterprise software or for single location businesses.

InfoTouch POS discount price levels feature icon

2. Set up to 10 Different Discount Price Levels per Item

This protects your margins and still allows your business to offer many different discount levels for all your inventory items. Each individual inventory item can maintain up to 10 different selling price points that can be provided to any customer, group or organization at any time. This works for any different customer classifications that purchase from your store such as:

  • Military
  • CHL Holders
  • Law Enforcement
  • Your own gun club members
  • Frequent VIP buyers
  • Or any volume purchasers
InfoTouch POS Inventory Search feature icon

3. Quick Access for Inventory Search

Search by:

  • Key Word/ Wild Card (This is the most common method to search for any inventory item by name or description and can be used when only entering the first few letters of the inventory name)
  • UPC
  • Caliber or Model #
  • Notes for the item
  • Location in the store
  • The manufacturer/vendor or more, depending on the customer maintenance of the database.
InfoTouch POS Print Labels & Barcodes feature icon

4. Ability to Print Shelf Labels and Barcode Labels

Every system prints and reads barcodes out-of-the-box which also includes printing the Serial Number of the firearm on both the firearm and shelf tag.

InfoTouch POS Print Customer Notes feature icon

5. For Customer Note Fields

With the customer database that tracks every sale you are also provided an extensive notes fields for each customer to allow customized information for each client. Special programs, sales the customer is interested in, along with any generalized information can be added to the notes field for any customer. Common information is their birthday, favorite game to hunt, items they most often are seeking, and you can also send them an offer to remind their wife or kids of what he was looking at for his birthday. Anything that will help your sales people better identify and service the customer.

IntoTouch POS Appointment Booking feature icon

6. Optional Gun Range Appointment Booking

This option module allows you to manage, set appointments and track gun range visits by customers or businesses. The fully integrated POS Appointment Booking feature allows you to offer additional services, add sales for ammo or other items to test on the firing range, add a trainer, teacher or monitor to a range session tracking all the additional revenue stream with the POS Software for Gun Shops and Ranges. Schedule appointments, events and contests with text message reminders and email blasts. Generate additional revenue and sales by offering and booking target practice at your range.

Additional Key Features

Sophisticated Pricing Levels by Item or Departments and Sale Structures

The software can be preset and offer sale pricing by item with features like:

  • Buy 3 get 2 of equal or lesser value free
  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • Buy 1 get 50% off your next purchase
  • Buy 2 get a $25 credit toward the purchase of ammo
  • Buy 2 get 1 free

The software can also be preset and offer sale pricing by departments with features like:

  • Buy any tree stand for $200 and get a free box of ammo.
  • Buy $200 in ammo and get a free gun cleaning kit.
  • Buy a new scope or range finder and get 1 free box of ammo.

The options are endless.

System Security

Security in our systems is second to none. 8 standard levels of security access are in each software but you also can customize each employee profile within any level that allows you to provide access to or deny permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common.


This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels all the way down to each button security.

Serialized inventory tracking for every purchase

This is a key feature that any compliant gun shop or firearms center must have to properly execute and maintain a quality integrated POS software solution. This feature is available for multi-stores or in a standalone location and provides complete tracking of every item purchased from purchase to sale.

Manage and Offer Repair Services

If your gun shop offers firearms repair and service, the software provides you with all the tools to run a service shop. Generate work orders to track, accurately time manage, service and generate invoices for customer repair orders. Track and Audit the labor hours worked.

Rental Module

This allows your business to rent any firearm or equipment item to a customer for a set amount of hours or days. This is used for by many gun stores to offer equipment and firearms that can be rented at the range.

Automatic Inventory Replenishment

Set MIN/MAX quantities for some or all inventory items. Automatically have a PO (Purchase Order) generate from the POS Software for gun stores and firearms centers when a quantity on hand for an inventory goes through the minimum quantity stocked in your presets.


The software PO will trigger for replenishment automatically and print out the items needed with the daily close reports every night.
PO Review: When filling out a purchase order you can have the ability to review the entire sales history for any inventory item on the same screen and at the same time you’re compiling your purchase order for that item.

Preset any Sale Start Date and End Date

With the POS software for gun shops you can automatically trigger that sale for one store or all locations to both start and end around your promotions or your email campaigns.

Sell by any Random Unit of Measure

This feature can increase your profitability. You have the ability to sell bulk ammo for your range or sell it by the box of 10, 20, 50 or 100 counts. Whatever the customer desires.

Real Time Inventory

The quantity on hand should match the quantity on your shelf because all sales, purchases and inventory is updated in real time. Run an inventory value report to instantly know the value of your standing inventory.

Multiple Commissions Tracking is available

With the POS Firearm Software you can track and offer your employees commissions for any specific item by: Departments, Categories, Vendors, or Manufacturer. Splitting commissions is also available for sales between multiple sales people, trainers, managers, educators, safety instructors etc.

Reduce Employee Errors

The intuitive touch screen interface on terminals or tablets works for you because it enhances speed at check out for all stores and reduces the errors by employees.

Inventory Note Fields

You can include quirky things or history or information about the product line Information about what is or is not compliant around the product. Other significant information for customers or from the vendor like the item is being closed out soon, short supply of an item, any information customers or employees need to be reminded of that will help sell, promote or provide necessary additional information about the inventory item.

Integrated AR (Accounts Receivable) functions

The POS Software for Gun Shops can print statements and billing summaries on the spot from any POS system or on a monthly basis can be generated with all other accounts receivables for mailing email statements. Accept a payment on the account and post it in real time.

Show a Picture of any Inventory Item

You can save and show a picture of any inventory item at the register. The POS Software for Gun Shops has the ability to show a photo of any inventory item at the register when searched or sold. This can come in handy when training new employees and during a sale or inquiry by a customer to properly identify and confirm the item is as requested.

Integrated Customer Account Database

With the Customer Account Database you are provided a tool to see the entire purchase history of every customer. This integrates with all your internal customer loyalty programs. You can market and perform targeted email blasts to specific customer groups, or global blasts to all customer with a sale announcement, special promotional night or to promote new product arrivals for a group or origination.


You can even generate email lists from through specific items purchased. Offer VIP or club discounts to businesses, groups, or originations. The Loyalty Feature can provide Store Credit or Loyalty Points. This feature is widely used for in-store credits from gun trades or when purchasing a gun for store credit. Customer Based Discounting and Price Leveling is available.

“Thank you Info Touch for streamlining our business! We purchased our store almost 2 years ago with no experience. I’m so glad I found your system. Training was great! You got us up and running smoothly. I now have an inventory system I can rely on, sales reporting that is easy to find, and better business management all around. Can’t say enough, great system!”

Kathy – Ace Firearms
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Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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