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For over 30 years InfoTouch has been developing POS solutions for retail stores that buy and sell from the public. The InfoTouch Gaming Store POS Software platform is scalable, robust, intuitive, and feature rich providing stable, state of the art business management software to manage and track all your new or used inventory. Increase your cash flow, maximize your inventory turns, track and manage your employees, and generate greater profits with the InfoTouch Gaming Store POS Software.

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Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Gaming Stores comes EMV Ready. Integrated credit card, debit card, gift card and loyalty cards work out of the box.

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1. Pay Cash or Trade with Store Credit

The software provides you the flexibility to manage and track the all purchases by cash or trade. (trading is managed by issuing a store credit) Providing security access to key for employees paying cash or issuing store credit any used games or used gaming councils is reviewable and generates an audit trail. You can run audit reports detailing all cash or credit issued by employee or by register.

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2. New & Used Database Available

You have the option of using your own database for your used game and Console inventory or we can provide you a partial database of over 22,000 items with SKU’s for integration with your stores current inventory.

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3. Serialized inventory tracking for every purchase

This feature can assist you with managing and tracking all sales or rentals for games as well as the gaming Consoles. This can provide you with the full sales or rental history of any inventory item allowing you to manage and track new and used items. This feature is included with every software license sold and is available for multi-stores or in a standalone location and provides complete tracking of every item purchased from purchase to sale.

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4. Printing Unique or Standard Product Labels & Shelf Labels

Every system can generate, print and read barcodes out-of-the-box which also includes printing the Serial Numbers of any game or gaming Console to track individually for sale or rental by serial number. Create your own SKU’s or use the manufactures and provide your unique serial number for multiple copies or for rental of any inventory item. Any products can be easily tracked and managed by creating your own SKU’s and printing a bar code for that product. Generate, print and apply you own unique barcodes to track and manage any inventory item. All these in-house SKU’s are integrated into all reports for profit and loss, movement, rental turns and quantity on hand.

InfoTouch POS Customer Account Database feature

5. Customer Account Database

This robust module allows you to track every sale from every customer. Market to customers with targeted and global email blasts, provide special discounts or quantity discounts, announce upcoming sales and promotions, start a VIP or frequent shopper discounts as well as market to any clubs or businesses with special discounts. Automatically allow special pricing for a customer. Personal information can provide all your employees the tools to connect with your customers. Notes fields are available for every customer.


Adding when a customer has a birthday coming, when a unique, product comes in that the customer may find appealing or has been seeking can be a great way to sell more and connect with your clientele. You can provide the full customer sales or rental history to be viewed by every employee to help with suggestions for additional sales and gift buyers of people that might want suggestions for one of your customers. Have even the newest employee get to know your clientele faster with the sales history and personal notes left by other employees.

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6. Hand Held Inventory Module

Allows you to:

  • Do price changes on the fly
  • Run random Inventory counts to audit your real-time inventory on hand
  • Change prices
  • Make inventory adjustments
  • Create and compile a (PO) Purchase Order
  • Receive Inventory

Additional Key Features

Rental Module

The software has a full rental module available. You have the ability to manage and track rentals of any of your inventory providing you a way to generate additional revenue on new and older out of print inventory items.

Quick Access for Inventory Search

Quick Access for Inventory Search: During a sale or when just looking form an item that isn’t available to scan the InfoTouch POS Software for Gaming Stores provides you 6 different ways to search and find any inventory item.
Search by:

  • Key Word/ Wild Card (This is the most common method to search for any inventory item by name or description and can be used when only entering the first few letters of the inventory name)
  • UPC
  • Vendor #
  • Notes for the item
  • Location in the store
  • The manufacturer/vendor or more, depending on the customer maintenance of the database.

Preset any Sale Start Date and End Date

With the POS software for gun shops you can automatically trigger that sale for one store or all locations to both start and end around your promotions or your email campaigns.

Inventory Note Fields

You can include history or information about the product line Information about what is or is out of print. Other significant information for customers or from the vendor like the item is being closed out soon, short supply of an item, any information customers or employees need to be reminded of that will help sell, promote or provide necessary additional information for sale or rental of that item.

System Security

Security in our systems is second to none. 8 standard levels of security access are in each software but you also can customize each employee profile within any level that allows you to provide access to or deny permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common. This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels all the way down to each button security.

Time Management Module

One of the largest costs for any service or retail business is the cost of employees. Time management and scheduling employee’s and adjusting for either sales trends, appointment changes or both is crucial when successfully managing and maximizing your team. Maintaining auditable cost controls for your employees is easy with the time and attendance modules that comes standard with every system.


Maintaining accurate records of all employee hours and gross wage calculations are at the center of the Employee Module. All employees can clock in/clock out through any register, tablet or terminal in the system while managers can monitor and adjust these ‘punches’ accordingly. In addition to hourly and salaried wage rates, the system calculates individual or group commission plans, bonuses, contests, and spiffs for employee. Employee shift scheduling is also available.

"InfoTouch Store Manager™ has excellent inventory management features. It is the easiest POS software to learn to use and train. I am very pleased."

Jane Doe - Thrifty Thrift Shop

Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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