Reasons to Choose InfoTouch POS Software.

InfoTouch was a founded in 1986 to empower independent business owners with robust, stable and powerful POS software solutions. At InfoTouch Corporation we have been providing software solutions to Garden Centers and Nurseries for decades. Our robust, stable, feature rich software provides you with a superior customer experience, intuitive interactive touch screen and customizable button array to maximize your inventory turns, cash flow and profitability while still providing a superior customer experience. We have highlighted some of the most requested features below with many additional features available to assist you servicing both the retail and wholesale needs of this market. The InfoTouch Garden Center POS software platform provides a robust back office.

InfoTouch POS for Garden Centers & Nurseries

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Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Garden Centers comes EMV Ready w/Point to Point Encryption. Integrated credit, debit, gift cards and loyalty cards working out of the box.

InfoTouch POS Wholesale Price Discount Leveling feature icon image

1. Wholesale Price Discount Leveling

Source every Inventory with up to 10 different selling price levels per item. This allows you to: check out a wholesale customer that is receiving their price level discount followed by a standard retail customer. The wholesale customer will already have status of their discount level in the customer account which is applied to every inventory item at the checkout.

InfoTouch POS Customer Database feature icon

2. Customer Database

The customer database stores every sale to every customer and allows you to manage, run reports from your customers or specific whole sale or retail customers. Review buying patterns and designate the wholesale discount levels, if any, along with the taxable or nontaxable status for any customer, client, business or organization. Track customer loyalty (Points or Store Credit) and gift cards as a frequent VIP member.


Along with full access to the complete purchase history for every customer and you have an extensive customized notes fields for each customer available in the customer data base. This allows customized information for each client or wholesale business. You can add sale notifications for items they commonly purchase, special programs, products they purchase that are running low or are seasonally ending. In addition to their purchase history you can add personal notes including timelines for their larger projects, birthdays, or notes for plants the wife likes to buy annually. Anything personal that can assist employees when servicing the customer. This all leads to enhanced suggestive selling techniques.

InfoTouch POS Print, Read and Scan labels feature icon

3. Print, Read, and Scan labels with a standard or low cost Thermal Transfer Printer

This provides your business weather resistant labels that won’t fade over time and can be quickly scanned by a tablet or at the register. Print standard barcode labels print UPC Price Labels, Shelf Tags, and Received Item Price labels. Print growing instructions directly on the bar code label and/or directly on the customer receipt (which can be printed or emailed to the customer). You can also print bar codes directly on plastic, weather resistant pot stakes and tree tags. The POS Software for Garden Centers and Nurseries provides you all these features and functions using one low cost horticultural thermal transfer printer for your business.


Garden Center labels are commonly used to tag or wrap around the tree trunks, to identify trees, shrubs and other specialty products or they are used as pot stakes. Pot or plant stakes are durable plastic stakes often used in high sun and outdoor environments to tag and track inventory that resists the weathering effects of fading so you can scan the items quickly for inventory and checkout.

InfoTouch POS Sell by Multiple Units of Measure feature icon

4. Sell by Multiple Units of Measure

Selling using MUM. An example would be Flats that are groups of 12 small plats all on a sheet. These are purchased by the flat for your business but the plants in the flat can be sold as either an entire flat or as individual plants (12 in a flat). The MUM functionality provides your business the ability to easily sell, track, reorder and manage multiple units of measure so you can seamlessly sell a single plant from a flat or sell the entire flat while still tracking that sale in inventory for easy reorder and reporting. This allows for seamless records and quick reordering in addition to clean concise reports for margins and inventory movement with accurate real time counts of your inventory on hand.

InfoTouch POS Quote Bids Work Orders feature icon

5. Quotes, Bids, and Work Orders

The POS Software provides you the ability to generate quotes and bids for projects or landscaping jobs without depleting from standing inventory.

  • Add in Labor, or Hours + Delivery Charges or other fees to any quote or bid.
  • Generate work orders and future delivery orders that can be adjusted.

For Example: Client orders 10 cu yds. of mulch and only takes delivery of 5 cu yds… The software provides you the ability to adjust the order to get to the corrected price and quantity.

InfoTouch POS Kit Explosion feature icon image

6. Kit Explosion Feature

Provides you the ability to combine many different inventory items into gift or sale package (“kit”). These kits are all tracked to a single new identifying SKU while also tracking and depleting all individual inventory items from the sold kit. Track and review your margins and movement of any new inventory kit by running the Parts Explosion Report. This is commonly used to put together season ending bundles of products to move all the inventory at a value or to create seasonal starter kits.

For Example: Annuals or vegetables by offer a seasonal spring or fall starter kit for indoor or outdoor planting with pots, gloves, soil, starter plants, and fertilizer. Mix in any items for one flat fee.

Additional Key Features

Email or Print Growing Instructions w/Every Receipt

Growing Instructions can be provided for any item sold and can be printed with the receipt or can be emailed to any customer, landscaper, or wholesale account at checkout.

Average Weighted Cost

The POS Software for Garden Centers and Nurseries provides you the average weighted cost of your inventory always in real-time. This allows you to manage, track and generate both movement and P&L (profit and loss) reports on your sales and standing inventory value.

Button Set up and Pictures

Set up pictures on some or all of the buttons for easy identification also you can show full pictures of any items on the terminal to view at any time. This can be an additional sales tool to assist, identify or confirm for a customer during a sale.

Price Override at the Register

There are extensive security levels with every Garden Center or Nursery POS Software System sold. If you choose to allow the Price Override feature then adjustments can be made on-the-fly at the register changing the price by managers or designated employees provided security clearance. As with all changes made by any employee logged into the system you can review the logs and run reports on the discounts provided for any employee or shift.

Mobile Tablets Integrate Seamlessly

InfoTouch POS software for Garden Centers features easy integration with mobile registers using tablets. During busy seasons, the entire transaction can be suspended or tendered by a sales clerk anywhere on a large multi-acre garden center, nursery or tree farm with a customer or contractor.


This can be a valuable tool for personalized private consultations’ as well as providing useful flexibility to check out customers anywhere thus reducing checkout lines and wait times for high volume clients.

Time Management Module

One of the largest costs on your operating statement is the cost of employees. Time management and scheduling employee’s during the high traffic times and adjusting for trends is crucial in successfully containing costs and increasing cash flow. Time and attendance records of all employees and gross wage calculations are at the center of the Employee Module.


All employees can clock in/clock out through any register, tablet or terminal in the system while managers can monitor and adjust these ‘punches’ accordingly. In addition to hourly and salaried wage rates, the system calculates individual or group commission plans, bonuses, contests, and spiffs by employee. Employee shift scheduling is also available.

Manage, Adjust or Delete Inventory w/Audit Reports

The POS software for Garden Centers and Nurseries has an Inventory Quantity Adjustment feature to remove or adjust items from stock. You can pre-define up to 20 reasons why the items are being removed or enter a free form reason. All adjustments to inventory quantities is tracked and can be reported on using the Inventory Quantity Audit Trail report.


Options include a selectable range of items to report on as well as a selectable date/time range. The report shows all adjusted items including the reason, quantity, and value at average cost at the time adjusted.

System Security

All InfoTouch software systems come with 8 standard levels of security access. Each employee added to the security has a customizable profile that allows you to fully customize access and permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common. This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels.

Detailed Commission Tracking

Manage and track commissions for all garden center or nursery sales for all employees. Split commissions by item or department. Provide commissions on slow moving inventory product.

Full Accounts Receivable and Billing

Print Statements, Manage account receivable clients and take full or partial payments by any tender at any terminal from any wholesale client. immediately at the POS and apply these payments directly to an invoice or the account.


The wholesale customer can pay on account, can pay down their credit line, or they can pay by credit card, debit card or cash and receive their additional discount. Any tender type will work seamlessly and all to industry standards.

InfoTouch POS software for Garden Centers provides you the ability to: set credit limits per customer with security options available for charging at or above the credit limit, view, print and email out statements to customers, resellers or contractors at any time, take payments link multiple accounts to a master account for contractors that use sub-contractors, age balances with flexible balance periods and apply any service charges supported for past due accounts.


Run thousands of reports with date ranges and other sort field options.

  • Inventory sales reports
  • Sales history reports
  • Standing inventory valuation report
  • Sale turns
  • Retail margin by item or department

Sophisticated Sale Pricing

Sophisticated Sale Pricing: The POS software for garden centers provides sophisticated pricing levels that can be preset with available features like:

  • Quantity unit pricing
  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy one get 50% off your next purchase

You can maintain a wide array of sophisticated pricing rules — such as:

  • Quantity unit pricing
  • Fractional Quantities
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Lot Pricing
  • 50% off after 10 Items, etc.

Additional functionality includes Vegetable, Shrub, Flower or Tree Explosion sales (by department) and tracking, a printable Notes field, Substitution and Suggestive Selling, Alternate Keys, and Open to Buy for departmental budget tracking and reporting.

And you can set up to 10 different price levels per item for different customer classifications that purchase from your store.

Email Marketing from your Customer Database

  • Target market to your large buyers, wholesale businesses, offer additional seasonal discounts and move out dated inventory.
  • Run different email marketing campaigns targeting only your retail eatable plant buyers or perennial flower buyer
  • Have a customer appreciation night for different target groups on your slowest sale days of the week.

Auto Inventory Replenishment

  • Set up Minimum/Maximum quantities for all your inventory items.
  • Enhance your customer’s satisfaction by never running out of the hot selling inventory items.
  • The POS Software will track and manage all your inventory levels in real-time automatically generating a report nightly with all inventory items hitting their minimum quantity on hand threshold.
  • Review the PO (purchase order) for low or out of stock items and the software provides you options of ordering from the nearest, cheapest, or preferred vendor of your choice. Choose from up to (??) vendors.

Seamless Integration with Scales at the Point-of-Sale

  • Sell any inventory items by weight or other units of measure.
  • Easily weigh anything needed for customers quickly and accurately preventing the loss of inventory and shrinkage that always becomes unaccounted for when people estimate,
  • Purchase, and or receive any items in bulk by weight.
  • Vet and verify product sold or purchased in bulk

“The ease of use when operating the InfoTouch POS system has made managing thousands of items in our inventory much simpler. Quick response time makes this POS system a valuable part of our business. My employees and I had an easy time learning to operate it, as well. The money spent is well worth it!”

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Garden Center POS Demo Video

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Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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