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InfoTouch POS for Thrift Stores

Since 1986 InfoTouch POS software solutions have been empowering owners and managers with a robust, flexible, scalable, customizable POS business management software solution to improve the management, cash flow and sales of your Resale or Thrift Store(s). InfoTouch POS software for resale and thrift stores provides cost effective single store solutions as well as multistore locations with the Enterprise Manager “Store to the Core” multi-store software. InfoTouch Thrift Store POS is featured in many resale and thrift shops throughout the U.S.

InfoTouch Thrift Store POS™

Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Resale and Thrift Stores comes EMV Ready. Integrated with credit, debit, gift, and loyalty cards working out of the box.

InfoTouch Resale Thrift Shop POS Color Rotation feature icon

1. Color Rotation

Rotate and tag items by dates and times for standardized rotation or sale pricing and discounting by tag colors. Tagging is using a colored coded tagging for inventory rotation and sale pricing for the month or week. Tagging is performed to the inventory before receiving it on the retail floor.

2. Barcoding, labeling and tagging

Available for all items through you own warehouse module that comes with every software license purchased at your store or through a central warehouse.

  • Warehouse and tagging module with check-In, tagging, barcoding, pricing and costing options to track, manage and process your inventory when received.
  • This feature is available with every license or can be used only for processing in a warehouse environment or back room of a store.
  • With InfoTouch POS for Resale and Thrift Stores providing you the ability to check in new inventory in the back room of a store or through a centralized warehouse for multiple stores all with the warehouse module.
InfoTouch POS build and add tenders feature icon

3. Add and Build your own Tenders

The merchant setup and name additional tenders (Vouchers, Thrift Store Bucks, etc.) which allows them full tracking of any vouchers a customer would use to pay with at the time of sale.

InfoTouch POS Customer Database feature icon

4. Customer Account Database

  • Loyalty Feature can provide Store Credit or Loyalty Points. This feature is widely used for instore credits of donations to the customer donating the items.
  • Full Customer Reporting of all purchases are stored for every customer, group, business or organization.
    Customer Based Discounting and Price Leveling is available.
InfoTouch POS Vendor Database feature icon

5. Full Vendor Database tracking and customization available

You can utilize the database tracking feature and tie it directly to unique and large inventory items:
With the POS Software for Thrift and Resale Stores you are able to input a customer as a vendor or donor.

  • This allows you to track and input large inventory Items that were donated (Computers, Cars, etc.) by the vendor or donner and then tie that item to the vendor thus being able to track from donation to purchase of those larger donated items.
  • The sale of these items can be linked to a specific customer as well giving you turnkey reporting from donation to sale.
  • Some thrift stores will purchase clothing or brands from a large retailer, track the cost, markup by % or $, and track the profitability of the items purchased to allow a more detailed analysis of the relationship and goods purchased.
InfoTouch POS Employee Based Security feature icon

6. Employee Based Security

Is available with every system sold. The POS Software for Thrift stores provides up to 8 standard levels of security. Each employee added to the security has a customizable profile that allows you to fully customize access and permissions for that individual. Access for any employee can be customized down to the individual button level. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common. This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels. All employees with customized access can be set up at the owners or managers discretion. This can provide the ability for discounting on-the-fly that can be applied to any button. Extensive audit reports can track employees showing every transaction they override for review with management. These security levels are also available in multi-store applications using the EM “Store to the Core” Enterprise Software Solution.

Additional Key Features

Cost of Goods Sold calculations

This allows you to add or assign an estimated cost per item or set a default cost for all items in a bundle or group to accurately assess the cost to your business of processing, tagging and carrying the inventory items. Run reports using these cost figures for profit analysis.

Properly tagging and tracking of your inventory

This allows you to run profit and loss reports and to spot check standing inventory counts that are all available instantly in real time.

Track and manage inventory transfers from store to store

Sophisticated Pricing Options for promotions and sales

Sale price items by quantity.
For example:

  • Buy 2 get 1 free
  • Buy 2 get the second at 1/2 price
  • Buy 3 for the price of 2
  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • With many more options available

Sale price inventory items by department

For example:

  • Buy 2 pairs of long pants and get a FREE button down or T-shirt
  • Buy 5 shirts and get 2 pairs of shorts FREE
  • Buy 2 long pants and get 2 tops for 1/2 price
  • Many more options available…

Run rotating discounts and promotions

Run by:

  • Days
  • Products
  • Organizations
  • Even through your own customer database

Line Sale Discounts

On the fly discounting (with security clearance) can be added or offered during the checkout process with any purchase by a % or a dollar amount. This can be offered at the checkout on the fly during the sale. Example could be a discount for an extra donation to a charity or fundraiser you are offering or for a special customer or origination.

Save seasonal coats or shorts

Save seasonal coats or shorts in the back or in the warehouse to allow you to maximize your retail floor space with the hottest selling seasonal inventory available on display.

Provide a full discount button

You have the option to provide 100% discount to a single customer or group of customers (i.e. Homeless or Shelters) so you can track what your business has donated throughout the year with up to 100% discount classification.

Loyalty Store Credit or Points

Can be provided to customers who donate items or can be provided to customers that purchase large quantities of items, purchase clearance items or for any motivational VIP program (frequent shopper discounts or incentives) you wish to set up and offer to customers, originations, businesses or groups.

Time and Attendance

Clock in and out from any terminal or tablet.

Full Transaction, Inventory, Customer, and Employee Reporting Databases

can be exported in PDF, MS Word, and Excel

Print Gift receipts

When Items are in inventory for extended periods of time, the software gives you the ability to sell Rag Stock by the pound. You can track the dates when sold, who you sold the rag stock to and items sold at a discount.

Email Campaigns

Utilizing the customer database in the POS Software will allow any user to send targeted emails on the fly or email out specifically sorted targeted lists scanned and pulled in any way needed. By group, association, demographic and/or purchase history.


Receipt layouts can be customized with store logo and at the register, the cashier has the ability to print the receipt, E-Mail Receipts, or not print the receipt.

“As far as ease of use and easy to train, working with a volunteer base of Ages 17 to 75 I can have them trained and using the software on their own in about 10 to 15 minutes, it is very easy to learn and to use. As for getting reports on the software it is Limitless, you can read reports on almost anything you can think of from: Big Financial reports to hourly reports on sales. And I love the employee management Security Options easy to lock out the options that you don't want anyone under management to have. ”

Tom – Flagler Humane Society Thrift
 InfoTouch POS Standard Features icon

Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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