POS Software for Thrift / Resale Stores by InfoTouch

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Since 1986 InfoTouch POS software solutions have been empowering owners and managers with robust, flexible, scalable, customizable POS software solution to enhance the management, cash flow and sales of your Resale or Thrift Store(s). InfoTouch POS software for resale and thrift shops is already featured in many regional Goodwill locations as well as independent resale and thrift shops through out the US.

InfoTouch POS Software is EMV ready with integrated gift and loyalty.


POS software for Resale and Thrift Stores:

software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

  • Reads and prints bar codes out of the box
  • You have the ability to run rotating discounts by days, by products, by organizations and even through your own customer database.
  • Inventory rotation and discounting by color coding available.
  • Sale price items by quantity, for example:
    1. Buy 2 get 1 free,
    2. Buy 2 get the second at 1/2 price,
    3. Buy 3 for the price of 2,
    4. Buy 1 get 1 free,
    5. Many more options available.. 
  • Sale price by depart, for example:
    1. Buy 2 pairs of long pants get get a shirt for free,
    2. Buy 4 shirts and get 2 pairs of shorts for free,
    3. Buy 2 paints and get 2 tops for 1/2 price,
    4. Many more options available… 
  • Sort reports by:
    1. Items,
    2. Date received,
    3. Type,
    4. Description, 
    5. Multiple retail price points,
    6. Or any combination of the above. 
  • Warehouse and Check In options:
    • With InfoTouch POS for Resale and Thrift Stores you have the ability to check in new inventory in the back room or receiving and storage area of any retail store utilizing a separate warehouse module. You can  bar code and or tag (using a colored tag for the month or week) the inventory before receiving it on the retail floor.
    • Save seasonal coats or shorts in the back or in the warehouse to allow you to maximize your retail floor space with the hottest selling seasonal inventory available on display.
  • With the POS Software for Resale and Thrift Stores you can also:
    • Manage a separate warehouse and check in facility allowing you to tag, manage, track and transfer inventory from a separate centralized warehouse location.
  • InfoTouch Enterprise Multi-Store management software:
    • InfoTouch POS Software for Resale and Thrift Stores is the perfect solution for single store merchants however if you have multiple locations and you are seeking to be run them all from a central office or report, transfer and track to a central office an InfoTouch (EM) Enterprise Manager software solution is available. This software utilizes the same InfoTouch award winning POS software used in the store and connects all the locations to a cloud based server providing all the necessary information for larger multi-store businesses. Manage, transfer, receive and track all your inventory, bar codes and or color coded labels, throughout any  milti-store chain with the addition of the Enterprise Manager software package. The software is designed  for multi-store inventory control, transfers, employee hours and management, sales reporting and management as well as customers and discounting.  If it’s just 2 or 3 locations or an entire chain contact InfoTouch today for a solution that is right for you.
  • Send out marketing email blasts to your customers from your customer database.  
  • Real time inventory tracking is standard with every POS Software system. 
  • All software comes with integrated hardware and software to take credit cards, debit cards, cash, or check,  available gift card features will all work out-of-the-box.
  • The POS computer software has ability to provide a wide range of reports.
  • Transfer, sale price, clearance price or move and discount by dates and received by times. 
  • With over 100 standard reports available and 1,000’s of variations InfoTouch POS software systems for Thrift  stores allows you to run and view your reports for:
    • Date arrived.
    • Date sold.
    • Discount given off suggested retail price.
    • Time inventory has been available for sale.
    • Inventory turns for all or portions of your inventory.
    • Provides you the flexibility to run employee shift reports & employee scheduling reports.
    • Run intricate commission reports for employees & staffing.
    • A huge variety of sales reports and customer sales reports

The unique features InfoTouch POS Software for Thrift stores provides you are the following features to manage all consignment sales from customers or companies:

software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

  1. The ability to track and manage the customer and consignor’s sales are essential to the successful management and profitability of any Thrift shop software. InfoTouch POS Thrift software provides you the unique ability to track every inventory item from each supplier / consignor providing inventory to the store. InfoTouch POS software integrates the expansive customer data base allowing you to utilize it as a vendor list for suppliers without any limitations to the amount of vendors and sales history of inventory sold from that vendor.
  2. All InfoTouch POS software for resale and thrift stores has the functionality for retail / resale shops to provide the consignor credit or cash for payments on their in house account. Many retail stores understand that providing payment in a combination (often greater for store credit) for any customer who is providing you their items to place on sale can also become one of your best customers. Compelling them to utilize some of their resale sales revenue to purchase retail products at a lower cost using an inflated store credit. Our unique Thrift software provides all retail shops this option.
  3. Complete integration with scales at the Point Of Sale
    • Buy any items by weight. With the POS integration you can buy and negotiate and purchase for any inventory by weight calculating your cost per ounce, pound, or grams, kilograms etc.
    • Sell any inventory in bulk by the pound. If you buy it you can sell it and easily manage any sale by any unit of measure.
    • >Make grab bags that sell by the pound for promotions or with prizes in a few unidentified bags
  4. The ability to run a value purchase report at any time for all inventory sold by vendor/consignor and or all inventory still on hand from any person or consignor. This valuable shop report can save you hours of bookkeeping and these reports are in real time. These reports can be run right live when your consignor walks in the store. 
  5. The most requested report for sale / cost analysis and resale customers information at retail is the ability to run a report for all products sold by margins, high dollar or by percentage made on inventory sold by; either a specific consignor or regular customers.

A massive customer database that has the ability to record every sale by every customer providing you key information on your customers, your customers experiences, what your customer/company/organization or club frequently buys, along with an extensive notes field that allows you to put special personal or corporate information information, unique products or services that your customer/company/organization or club may be seeking, special inventory items for your unique clients and send out email blasts when you purchase products or inventory they might be interested in purchasing. Stimulate additional sales to your customer will purchase, and the ability to offer alternatives to products that the customer might be seeking.  Also the unique ability to turn any customer is this for personal into accounts receivable they can purchase and buy products at a wide variety of discount wholesale price points.  You can alert customers to upcoming sales that you are aware that they’re interested in either purchase history.  If you complement the customer and the birth of a new baby, on a job move or promotion, or suggest to them that their wife’s birthday is coming up next week and you know from her customer database what she likes to buy.

InfoTouch customer database and keep business clients from any industry with quick responsive email blasts promoting your new inventory purchases. All these features are available to you in the InfoTouch POS software for Thrift  stores.

Market to your clientele and discount your inventory in with a huge variety of selling and discounting methods:

  • Market to your clientele with email blasts and direct mail pieces.
  • The POS software for thrift stores provides sophisticated pricing levels and discounting features that can be preset with available features like quantity unit pricing, buy one get one free, buy one get 50% off your next purchase and you can set up to 10 different price levels per item for different customer classifications that purchase from your store.
  • All sales and pricing features can be set to start and stop on any preset date.
  • Manage, Adjust or Delete Inventory w/Audit Reports
    • Our software has an Inventory Quantity Adjustment feature to remove items from stock.  You can pre-define up to 20 reasons why the items are being removed or enter a free form reason. All adjustment to inventory quantities is tracked and can be reported on using the Inventory Quantity Audit Trail report.  Options include a selectable range of items to report on as well as a selectable date/time range.  The report shows all adjusted items including the reason, quantity, and value at average cost at the time adjusted.

Other Companies claim they have POS software for Thrift stores but many of these systems do not provide the necessary inventory reports, sales history and features. These offerings fall short of the bar and do not provide thrift stores the necessary unique, robust functionalities to manage, track, purchase and sell items with the diverse amount of features for regular and resale inventory provided by; vendors, consignors, businesses and customers. All these groups provide the inventory for a Thrift store to thrive.

Let an InfoTouch professional provide you with a FREE DEMO and BID for your InfoTouch POS software for Thrift stores.

InfoTouch POS software for Thrift stores is your connection for robust POS sale software to track and enhance your shops sales, improve cash flow and increase profitability.