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Since 1986 InfoTouch Corporation has been supplying POS solutions on 3 continents. Learn 1 POS System and manage all aspects of your property with one POS Software system. InfoTouch Golf POS with Pro Shop for managing Small Golf courses, Golf and Tennis Pro Shops also allows you to manage Concession Stands, Casual Restaurants, and Bars from a limited or even from one all in one terminal. The POS Software provides you the ability to track and promote to your customer base, provide VIP and membership benefits, and manages all your services from a one or a limited amount of terminals and stations. Stable, flexible, Intuitive, customizable POS Software (including a full back office with every license) designed to manage all your properties efficiently and profitably.

InfoTouch Golf POS ™

Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Golf & Pro Shop comes EMV ready with integrated credit, debit, gift, loyalty and membership cards all working out of the box.

InfoTouch POS Customer Database feature icon image

1. Robust Customer Account Database

The Customer Database that is available with every InfoTouch Golf POS manages, markets to and tracks all your customers in real time. Review customer history, billing history, purchase history, annual passes, VIP membership club, member based discounting, extra discounts and incentives, or even a third tier customer based discounts as a percent over everything they purchase set by price level or a blanket discount to tie all back to a customer account. This robust module allows you to track every sale from every customer. Market to all customers with targeted and global email blasts. Filter by customers: purchase histories, corporate affiliation or any information in your database.


Send emails to high volume customers, corporations, decision makers that purchase packages or memberships, provide special day discounts on slow days, even announce a customer appreciation night. Start a VIP club for inside sales or specials, offer business or corporate incentives. Notes fields are a great way to add information about customers for all your employees. Editable notes fields are available for every customer in the database. Adding when a customer has a birthday coming, any other special dates or products arrived the customer may have expressed an interest in. Remind them of an upcoming sale or special. The full customer sales history is available for every employee to help with suggestions for additional sales. Have even the newest employee get to know your clientele faster with the sales history and personal notes left by other employees.

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2. Designed for Multipurpose Use

Learn 1 POS System and manage all aspects of your property. With 1 POS Software system InfoTouch Golf POS is ideal for managing properties that do not require a full Tee-Time package or that already have a Tee Time package but still need to provide retail and hospitality needs of the customers inside their club house and pro shop. For managing Golf Pro Shops, clubs, Tennis Pro Shops with concession stands, casual restraints and bars with the ability to track your customer base, and still provide integrated payments and club charges and discounts with a minimal amount of terminals then InfoTouch Golf POS is your answer.


Designed for management of properties needed multifunctional uses that can all be provided from one or two stations. You can lock in prebuilt templates for all your POS needs throughout your property. InfoTouch Back Office: Is included with every system license. From any Single Station or within your network: you are able to access a full back office suite, generate customer statements, review and settle billing, review customer accounts w/credit lines. All this is available from any terminal with the proper security clearance. Print statements, reconcile accounts, charge and do business with ease.

InfoTouch POS Pro Shop feature icon image

3. InfoTouch Pro Shop

A leader in Pro Shop management for many years. Providing integration with any VIP and discount club or discounts, inventory tracking. Sophisticated sale pricing, automated replenishment, along with printing, scanning and reading all barcodes. Full reporting, security and integration to the network.

InfoTouch POS Hospitality feature icon image

4. InfoTouch Hospitality

Providing integration with any VIP and discount club or discounts, manage any Concession Stand, Casual Restaurant, Grill or Bar combination. A standard Kitchen Printer is included with customer account tracking even accessing customer lines of credit, statements and the ability to post any payments to customers’ accounts on the fly from any station.

InfoTouch POS Matrix feature icon image

5. Matrix feature

Manage your Pro Shop and create database entries for clothing, gloves, and shoes quickly with the matrix feature. The Matrix function is just that – a grid-based Matrix to track, quickly create and manage your database while quickly organizing your inventory. For example, shoes come in a standard set of sizes and widths, and pants come in standard waists and inseams. With the Matrix function, when a new style comes in, you can easily create all combinations of these standard sets in your database.


When the store wants to update these items, the Matrix function displays all the related items in a grid or spreadsheet format of all sizes, widths, lengths you want to carry with just one shoe. A wide variety of fields, including, but not limited to, price, cost, minimum and maximum quantities (any fields you want to identify for any inventory item) can easily be updated for all related items. This same grid format is used to easily create purchase orders.

InfoTouch Automated Replenishment feature icon image

6. Automated Replenishment Module

When managing your Pro Shop, you can set MIN/MAX quantities for every inventory item so a PO will trigger in replenishment automatically and print out with the daily close reports every night any items reaching their minimum quantity on hand. Execute the PO and review from your vendor list identifying: fastest ship, lowest price, best terms and other factors before finalizing the PO. When editing or adding to a purchase order you can have the ability to review the entire sales history for any inventory item on the same screen and at the same time you’re compiling or finalizing any purchase order.

Additional Key Features

Full Time and Attendance Module

Manage all full time and part time employees. The Time Management module is also standard with any POS Software. Schedule employee’s, adjust for peak times, peak days, or seasonal changes. Successfully manage and maximize your team’s efficiency. Shift reports are available. The time and attendance module comes standard with every system.


Accurate and auditable records of all employee hours and gross wage calculations are at the center of the Employee Module. All employees can clock in/clock out through any register, tablet or terminal in the system while managers can monitor and adjust these ‘punches’ accordingly. In addition to hourly and salaried wage rates, the system calculates individual or group commission plans, bonuses, and spiffs for employees. Employee shift scheduling is also available.

Multiple Commissions Tracking is available

With the InfoTouch Golf POS you can offer your employees commissions for any specific item by: Department, Categories, Vendors, specific items or Vendor. Splitting commissions is also available for sales between multiple sales people.


The InfoTouch Golf POS provides your pro Shop the ability to accept Layaways. The software provides you the ability to flexibly set up and manage all layaway fields. Full reporting and information is available in real-time for all balances due, payments made and posted, for all layaways. Set Deposits for any item as a percentage or dollar amount of the total sale. The layaway module is flexible and allows you to set the terms, deposit type, payment period, payment amount, final payment date.

Marketing, Sales & Promotions

The sale pricing matrix in every InfoTouch Golf POS allows you to maintain a wide array of sophisticated pricing rules that will enhance your marketing and purchasing by your customers.

  • Mix or match buy any 3 Ball Sleeves and get $2 off you purchase.
  • Buy any 2 snack specials under $3.99 and get 15% off.
  • Buy any 3 Fountain Drinks and get a 10% discount at the pro shop.
  • Quantity unit pricing Buy 3 or more ball sleeves and get 10% off.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free.
  • Quantity Discount or Case Pricing.

Look Up/Search

You have the ability to find any inventory item 6 different ways in seconds for a customer or when constructing a PO. The POS Software allows you easy access to search all real-time inventory from any terminal or tablet. Search by:

  • Key Word/Wild Card Search
  • UPC
  • Alternative Key
  • The notes that are referenced to the item
  • Location on premises
  • The vendor/distributor number

This feature can also lookup items inside of departments for quick searching of any item.

Hand Held Inventory

Provides you the flexibility to:

  • Generate wireless Purchase Orders from the Handheld Inventory Gun
  • Do any price changes, pricing updates or sale pricing.
  • Group together any seasonal items or slow moving inventory items and create a “Dutch Auction” or Clearance Sale for only that group of items freeing up cash flow and moving the dead or slow inventory!
  • Provides you the ability for quick random inventory checks and to expedite any full store or yearend inventory.


Run 1,000’s of different reports in real-time with date ranges and other sort field options. Inventory sales reports, Sales history reports, Standing Inventory valuation report, Sale turns, and Retail margin by item or department to name just a few of the popular reports.

System Security

Security in our systems is second to none. 8 standard levels of security access are in each software but you also can customize each employee profile within any level that allows you to provide access to or deny permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common.


This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels all the way down to each button security. All the security functions work for single store operations as well as Multi-Store chains that run the InfoTouch “Store to the Core” Enterprise Manager software.

Speed, Training Reduce Errors

The easy to use intuitive touch screen software experience is proven to accelerates the training process for employees in addition to providing a superior customer experience. The award winning touch screen interface enhances speed at check out. Touch Screen systems are proven to be: 33% faster for training employees, 40% less errors are made at the terminal and at checkout. The graphical user interface helps cashiers ring up sales 25% faster.

Email Receipts to all Customers

Print Statements, Manage account receivable clients and take full or partial payments by any tender at any terminal from any wholesale client. immediately at the POS and apply these payments directly to an invoice or the account.


The wholesale customer can pay on account, can pay down their credit line, or they can pay by credit card, debit card or cash and receive their additional discount. Any tender type will work seamlessly and all to industry standards.

InfoTouch POS software for Garden Centers provides you the ability to: set credit limits per customer with security options available for charging at or above the credit limit, view, print and email out statements to customers, resellers or contractors at any time, take payments link multiple accounts to a master account for contractors that use sub-contractors, age balances with flexible balance periods and apply any service charges supported for past due accounts.

Multiple SKU’s

The software provides you the ability to assign multiple SKU’s for any inventory item. You can track and pull reports for up to 120 alternative SKU’s for any individual inventory item. This provides you flexibility and allows precise tracking, management and reordering of all your inventory no matter which vendor you purchased from or are restocking with the inventory item from.

Print Gift Receipts

“Learning the POS from Info Touch was easy, training was easy and the support is fantastic. Extremely happy with this system!”

Cindy – Glenville, WV
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Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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