POS Software for Concession Stands

Since 1986 InfoTouch Corporation ™ has been enhancing and perfecting POS software solutions have been empowering owners and managers with an fast, affordable complete POS software solution for concession stands.

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InfoTouch POS software for concession stands provides you award winning touch screen, feature rich software to expedite and manage all facets of your concession stand.

Manage and track all your sales, take any special orders or work orders for special event’s, parties, business meetings or engagements. Track sales, inventory, and all employees scheduling right from the POS terminal. InfoTouch POS software for concession stands even allows you to provide mobility by placing your entire business on mobile tablets. Market to your customers, promote and provide your customers with loyalty cards, value added promotions and incentives with POS software for concession stands by InfoTouch.

Why a touch screen terminal or tablet is the right choice for your business.

Our intuitive touch screen graphics:

  1. Cut down on training times by 30%
  2. Eliminate employee errors by up to 40%
  3. Speeds up check out times at all terminals
  4. Enhances the customer experience and employee performance!

POS Software for concession stands comes standard with the following features and functionalities:

software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores

  • InfoTouch POS Software works out-of-the-box with:
    1. debit cards,
    2. credit cards,
    3. gift cards,
    4. Any Customer Rewards card working in conjunction with your InfoTouch software
    5. Also any SNAP/EBT cards.
  • Track all individual cup counts from all terminals
  • A free kitchen printer comes standard with any terminal
  • Easily add a tip to any sale.
  • Changeable hot buttons for daily specials seasonal discounts and promotions
  • Run multiple functions from a single terminal:
    1. Register sales
    2. Billing on account
    3. Special orders
    4. Work orders
    5. Back office accounts receivable
    6. Full back office w/ accounts receivable and billing features to run:
      • Monthly Statement
      • Billing cycles
      • Multi-tiered pricing and discounts
      • Instant posting and adjustments from any terminal
    7. Customer database look-up with complete sales history
    8. Quickly add any customer to your customer database
    9. Full customer retention programs
    10. Generate purchase orders from any terminal or tablet in your system
    11. Receive purchase orders from any terminal or tablet in your system
  • Ticket printing is available for any venue
  • An integrated time clock is standard with every terminal throughout you location:
    1. Clock In / Clock Out from any terminal
    2. Printable employee shift reports
    3. Employee scheduling
    4. Employee payroll reports for hours worked flexible for any pay period
  • Single or multi-store integrations
  • Source any product or inventory item with up to 10 different price points
  • From 1 – 60 terminals or tablets per location

POS software for concession stands by InfoTouch also features Seamless integration with scales at the point-of-sale.  This allows for:

  • The ability to weigh and verify any inventory items by weight or other units of measure integrated with POS software at the Point Of Sale.
  • To weight anything needed for customers quickly and accurately preventing the loss of inventory and shrinkage which may become unaccounted for when people estimate products by weight, volume or units of measure.
  • Purchase, receive or verify any items in bulk that your location purchases by weight.  Vet and verify product sold in bulk.
  • Sell any products with random weight bar codes.
  • POS software for concession stands reads and prints “Random Weight UPC Codes with Embedded Price” out-of-the-box.
  • Print and read bar codes from your independent standalone scales

When you run a concession stand you’re always dealing with inventory that can spoil or needs to be donated after a specific time period.  InfoTouch POS software for Concession Stands has an Inventory Quantity Adjustment feature to remove spoiled or stale items from stock or to donate product right before the expiration so it is still able to be consumed.

  • InfoTouch POS software for Concession Stands provides an Inventory Quantity Adjustment feature to remove items from stock.
    1. You can pre-define up to 20 reasons why the items are being removed or enter a free form reason.
    2. All adjustment to inventory quantities is tracked and can be reported on using the Inventory Quantity Audit Trail report.
    3. Options include a selectable range of items to report on as well as a selectable date/time range.
    4. All security levels can be set up to restrict or provide access to these and any sensitive functions on all InfoTouch systems.
    5.  The report shows all adjusted items including the reason, quantity, and value at average cost at the time adjusted.
    6. Don’t miss your ability to get a legal tax write-off from the donations that you make from your business.  Document and verify the inventory quantity adjustment feature in any InfoTouch POS software for Delis system.

Over 100 reports come standard with every InfoTouch POS software system for specialty food stores.  Run any report for a sale, inventory total sales by department. Reports for:

  • Inventory sales reports,
  • Sales history reports,
  • Standing inventory valuation report,
  • Sale inventory turns and


All award winning InfoTouch POS software platforms have been certified PCI compliant TWICE with the Visa and Master card industry standards!  

Call or email us today to find out how InfoTouch POS software for concession stands can help your business strives and thrive for greater profits and cash flow!

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