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InfoTouch Liquor Store POS Software is a scalable, robust, intuitive, feature rich software platform that has been successfully providing stable, state of the art business management software to thousands of successful liquor, wine and package stores for over 30 years! Our affordable award winning POS software solution provides a state of the art platform for any size merchant. From single store businesses to multi-store chains communicating with the InfoTouch Enterprise Manager “Store to the Core” software, InfoTouch will provide your business a state-of-the-art business software solution. Call us today to discuss how our software can help your business increase inventory turns, tighten cash flow, audit and manage your employee scheduling while reducing shrinkage and expanding profits.

InfoTouch Liquor Stores POS ™

Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Liquor, Wine & Package Stores comes EMV ready with integrated credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards working out of the box.

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1. Multiple Units of Measure

In any Liquor Store you have to be able to manage, receive, sell and accurately track by multiple units of measure. Cases of wine or beer in 4/6/12/18/24/30 pack or any other configuration need to be properly managed and tracked. With the InfoTouch POS Liquor Store Software you can individually:

  • Scan, sell, track, and analyze sales by any configuration accurately and precisely in any multiple unit of measure.
  • Receive in case lots and sell in singles, and any other multi-configuration you desire while all being tracked back to a single SKU.
  • Run reports for all the items received in any configuration you desire.
  • No matter how it is received or sold, if you break down larger quantities to smaller ones for sale you will still have accurate real-time costs, quantity on hand and margins for all products sold.
InfoTouch POS Purchase Cigarettes feature icon

2. Manage Cigarette Purchases and Reports (PMUSASD)

Purchase by the carton and sell by the pack because the POS Software allows you to apply multiple UPC’s to the same inventory item so you can check the carton in and scan the packs for sales right out of the box while your database will continue to accurately post and track your inventory in real-time for both your packs and cartons.

The electronic Philip Morris USA Cigarette Scan Data report integration feature is now available for any stores purchasing from Philip Morris USA. This report allows the merchant to receive credits for purchases and is now an electronically integrated approved feature with our InfoTouch POS software. (PMUSASD)

InfoTouch POS Multiple Quantity Based Disocunting feature icon

3. Quantity Based Discounting

Quantity Based Discounting is extremely popular in Liquor Stores. This feature in the software allows you to set up a percentage off or a dollar amount off with a minimum qualifying purchase.

For Example: Buy any 5 bottles of wine and receive either a percentage off each bottle or a dollar amount off each bottle. The software allows you to scan the bottles at any time during the sale (without bundling them together) and applies the correct discount as the 5th bottle is scanned. Many software companies claim to service liquor stores but cannot perform this function forcing you to separately pull the bottles aside which provides both a poor customer experience, additional possibilities for errors, and greatly slows down the checkout line burdening your employees.

InfoTouch POS Age Verification feature icon

4. Age Verification

Age Verification is available with every POS system. You have the option to manually enter the birthdate or scan a license ID. You also have the ability to force your employees to confirm the age before any sale of any age restricted inventory purchase.

InfoTouch POS Inventory module feature icon

5. Hand Held Inventory Module

Allows you to:

  • Do price changes on the fly
  • Create and compile a (PO) Purchase Order
  • Run random Inventory counts to audit your real-time inventory on hand
  • Change prices
  • Make inventory adjustments
InfoTouch POS multiple sku feature icon

6. Multiple SKU's

The software provides you the ability to assign multiple SKU’s for any inventory item. You can track, create and pull reports for up to 120 alternative SKU’s for any individual inventory item. This provides you flexibility and allows precise tracking, management and reordering of your entire inventory no matter which vendor you purchased from or are restocking with the inventory item from.

Additional Key Features

InfoTouch POS Look Up/Search feature icon

Look Up/Search

You have the ability to find any inventory item 6 different ways in seconds for a customer or when constructing a PO. The POS Software allows you easy access to search all real-time inventory from any terminal or tablet. Search by:

  • Key Word/ Wild Card Search
  • UPC
  • Alternative Key
  • The notes that are referenced to the item
  • Location in the store
  • The manufacturer/vendor item number

Replenishment Module

Set MIN/MAX quantities for every inventory item so a PO will trigger in replenishment automatically and print out with the daily close reports every night any items reaching their minimum quantity on hand. Execute the PO and review from your vendor list identifying: fastest ship, lowest price, best terms and other factors before finalizing the PO. When editing or adding to a purchase order you can have the ability to review the entire sales history for any inventory item on the same screen and at the same time you’re compiling or finalizing any purchase order.

Generating Email Marketing Campaign

This software provides you countless ways to pull and market to your customer base. Your entire customer base can receive marketing promotions or specifically targeted lists can be surfaced allowing you target market to customized groups, organizations or groups. With the InfoTouch POS Software you can pull a specific direct marketing email campaign through the integrated customer database.


You can use the customer sales history to send out a targeted marking campaign just to your scotch buying clientele to promote, a sale, a tasting or a special release promotion. You can also have a “craft beer night” promotion and just targeting your clientele that purchases craft beers possibly to provide manufacturer provided prizes, giveaways and tastings of new or seasonal beer specials. If you have any organizations, companies, or clubs you can directly market and promote to offer VIP or buying club discounts or information. Promoting to originations, clubs and groups can only enhance your market reach, sales and profits.

Suggestive Selling

Give your employees the tools to sell more. Provide them access to complementary products and replacement sales so they can access information at the checkout or from any terminal or tablet. Sell more and give the customers more options by providing employees suggestive selling notes from that customer and give them full access allowing them to review any customer’s entire sales history with special notes (like birthday, wife birthday, anniversary or favorite products) for that customer on screen during any sale.

Multiple Price Levels for every inventory item is available

This software feature allows you to set wholesale pricing at multiple levels, if desired, giving you the option to sell at tiers to party planners, catering services, restaurants and bars. Some states mandate specific pricing to other businesses and with up to 9 different price levels available per item you have complete flexibility with this the functionally in this POS software.

System Security

All InfoTouch software systems come with 8 standard levels of security access. Each employee added to the security has a customizable profile that allows you to fully customize access and permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common. This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels. All the security functions work for single store operations as well as Multi-Store chains that run the InfoTouch “Store to the Core” Enterprise Manager software.

Hundreds of reports are available

Hundreds of reports are available including specific reports that track unit of measure sales, cost, and profit!

Lottery/Pull Tab Sales and Payouts

You have both a lotto payout department and a lotto sales department. You can perform or add a payout or credit for any lottery winner, to any sale, at any time, during any transaction.

Bottle Deposits & Bottle Returns

Easily manage and track all your bottle deposits and returns.

Multiple SKU’s

Can be applied to any inventory item. Up to 160 different SKU’s can be applied to any single inventory item. Track older and new, special limited edition and promotional inventory.

Hot Keys

For Commonly Purchased SKU’s (Bags of Ice, promotional items, store specials etc.)

Shelf and Label Printing

Is a standard feature with this software.

Print Gift receipts

Set Cash Drop Mandates for Employees

Designate rules for cash drops in the software so the employees are prompted to pull cash when reaching certain cash thresholds on any terminal or tablet.

Blind Shift Closeout Available

Inside the shift close process you have the ability to either provide the employee with the correct totals the till should reach when closing out a shift or you can set that employee to proceed as a Blind Close Out shift change close out. The employee completes their close out and the close out totals are only available to the management with the correct totals from the till for that employee.

“InfoTouch is an easy system to use especially for the employees at the point of sale, not much training involved. I like the ability to use case discounts on wine so the employee only has to ring in the product and not do any math. I also like the ability to have one UPC and be able to ring in a single can, 6 pack or a case. The inventory management of the software is great and also being able to run many different reports to help with buying decisions is very helpful.”

Jeremy – JP’s Liquor Wine and Beer
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Liquor Store POS Demo Video

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Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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