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Since 1986 InfoTouch Corporation has been supplying POS solutions for Butcher Shops, Meat Markets and Fish Markets. By providing a seamless integration with scales for receiving, weighing, (with price embedded and random weight scales) and selling of all items to properly measure, bar code, label and track any products by a variety of units of measure. Seamlessly convert any item from one unit of measure to another (pounds to ounces, gallons to ounces etc.) Direct marketing to your customers with the information provided though the robust customer database. Whether it’s for small independent butcher shops, larger meat markets or fish markets requiring all the functions of small grocery InfoTouch POS Software for Butcher Shops can provide your business a fast, seamless and enhanced experience for your customers and your business management.

InfoTouch Butcher Shop POS ™

Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Butcher Shops, Meat & Fish markets comes EMV & EBT ready with integrated credit card, debit card, EBT, gift card and loyalty cards all working out of the box.

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1. Integrates, prints and reads Barcodes

Print, scan and read barcodes. InfoTouch Software provides seamless integration with scales. The scales can be tied (integrated) directly to the POS Software and can also read any Random Weight Barcodes including barcodes from Price Embedded Scales. You can print, scan, track and even create your own unique bar codes using UPC 2, EAN-13, UPC A, and any standard 1D UPC Barcodes.

InfoTouch POS Work Order feature icon

2. Work Orders

Generate work orders for pick up or delivery. This is a very flexible feature in the POS software allowing you to recall a work order any time, to adjust the orders, to post deposit(s) for the orders and to finalize the orders at any time from any terminal or tablet.

InfoTouch POS Fractional Quantities feature icon

3. Allows for Fractional Quantities

Take any sale down to the 4th decimal point to allow for fractional quantities received, cut or sold. Adjustments to fractional quantities can be made at any time and even adjusted at checkout with the proper security clearance.

InfoTouch POS Services feature icon

4. Services

Receive a deer or any animal from hunters. Process and package any meat, poultry, pork, bison, Elk or deer. Charge for specific cuts, custom cuts, deboning, spices and additives for sausage mixes, storage, antler storage any additional fees or services can be added to your customized processing work orders.

InfoTouch POS Real Time Inventory Tracking feature icon

5. Real Time Inventory Tracking and Reports

Everything you view on the screen is always in real-time. All quantities on hand, all inventory reports, and all sales reports, are in real-time. If an inventory item shows 3 on hand you should have 3 on the shelf. The POS Software for Butcher Shops and Meat Markets allows you to control, track and manage your inventory electronically in real-time. More theft happens in stores internally from employees then from customers. Take away the opportunity by tracking and running reports at any time with up to the minute quantities on hand and quantities on order. InfoTouch systems provides you control of your inventory with our state-of-the-art system. The system updates quantities on hand for each inventory when received or sold in real-time.

InfoTouch POS Customer Account Database feature icon

6. Customer Account Database

This robust module provides you a full customer sales history for all your customers. This module allows you to track every sale from every customer. Market to customers with targeted and global email blasts, provide special discounts or quantity discounts, start a VIP or frequent shopper club and offer business or corporate discounts. Automatically allow special pricing for a customer. Example: Allow special pricing on cutting services or always provide discounts on purchases for special customers when purchasing or ordering specific large quantities (say over $300).


Suggestive Selling is also a part of the Customer Account Database. Personal information can provide all your emp0loyees the tools to connect with your customers. Notes fields are available for every customer. Adding when a customer has a birthday coming, when a unique, seasonal or local product comes in that the customer may find appealing can be a great way to sell more to every customer. Or it may be just to inform the customer that yo0ur having a sale or special shortly. The full customer sales history is available to every employee to help with suggestions for additional sales and gift buyers of people that might want suggestions for one of your customers. Have even the newest employee get to know your clientele faster with the sales history and personal notes left by other employees.

Additional Key Features


You have the ability to take and apply a deposit(s) to any order. Recall an order at any time.

Counter Service Hospitality Functions

If you are running a counter service business inside your store(s) serving: sandwiches, hot sandwiches, local eats, breakfast, lunch, or burgers, the functions for this business are already integrated in the InfoTouch Software and we provide a kitchen printer for a kitchen operation.

Create your own SKU’s

For local and regional products, in house spices or rubs, any products can be easily tracked and managed by creating your own SKU’s and printing a bar code for that product.


Generate, print and apply you own unique barcodes to track and manage any inventory item. All these in-house SKU’s are integrated into all reports for profit and loss, movement, reordering and quantity on hand.

EBT with or without Split Tenders

Available out-of-the-box.

Marketing, Sales & Promotions

A extensive variety of options are available for marketing your inventory. From your standard in store pricing you can maintain a wide array of sophisticated pricing rules — such as:

  • Quantity unit pricing
  • Fractional Quantities
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Quantity Discount or Case Pricing
  • 50% Off after 10 Items, etc.

This can be a valuable tool for personalized private consultations’ as well as providing useful flexibility to check out customers anywhere thus reducing checkout lines and wait times for high volume clients.

Manage, Adjust or Delete Inventory w/Audit Reports

The POS software for Meat Markets and Butcher Shops has an Inventory Quantity Adjustment feature to remove or adjust items from stock. You can pre-define up to 20 reasons why the items are being removed or enter a free form reason. All adjustments to inventory quantities is tracked and can be reported on using the Inventory Quantity Audit Trail report.


Options include a selectable range of items to report on as well as a selectable date/time range. The report shows all adjusted items including the reason, quantity, and value at average cost at the time adjusted.

Allows for Fractional Quantities

Take any sale down to the 4th decimal point to allow for fractional quantities received or sold. Adjustments to fractional quantities can be made at any time and even adjusted at checkout with the proper security clearance.

System Security

All InfoTouch software systems come with 8 standard levels of security access. Each employee added to the security has a customizable profile that allows you to fully customize access and permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common. This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels.

Managing Taxable and Nontaxable

You have the ability in the software to adjust tax status for any customer by line item or by the total sale. Adjusting from or to taxable or nontaxable status for any item. This can be performed by any employee with security clearance, on-the-fly, at checkout or can be preset for any customer in the profile of that customer inside the customer database.


Presetting all this in the database to that customer’s profile greatly reduces errors and problems at the checkout while providing the customer with a fast and professional experience when placing an order, setting up a work order and checking the customer out face to face.

“InfoTouch has been a great asset to our business. Before, we were tracking inventory and sales with a pencil and a calculator. As we have grown, that became an issue trying to check out customers in a timely manner. Once we installed the InfoTouch system we were better able to track inventory and sales, which also helped with the production schedule. Thank you!”

Joe – Ram Country Meats Manager
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Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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