POS Software for Butcher Shops

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Since 1986 InfoTouch Corporation has been supplying POS solutions for butcher shops and meat markets to help these businesses process and manage inventory. InfoTouch features a seamless integration with any size scale for measuring, bar coding, labeling and selling products by a variety of units of measure including weight.  Whether it’s for small independent butcher shops, meat markets or processing plants for the retail front and InfoTouch POS software for butcher shops can provide you a fast seamless customer service and merchandise processing and presentation to the customer.

POS Software for butcher shops features:

  • Easy integration with most standard scales allowing them to interface directly into the POS system.
  • Take total weight to weigh for any meat, poultry, pork or even deer processing from purchase for your business to confirm total weight.  
  • A wide variety of applications that work well with an InfoTouch POS software platform.
  • Seamless integrations and implementation with any products sold by weight.
  • “Random Weight UPC Codes with Embedded Price” are common in the butcher shop and meat processing industry
  • Print read the bar codes from your current independent stand alone scales
  • Read and print bar codes from scales that produce “Random Weight UPC Codes” with or without Embedded Prices included for all butchers
  • Break down all parts of your processing into multiple units of measure for sale.
  • You can also multitask at the same POS terminal and use the software platform as a quick service restaurant platform and still sell additional products on the same ticket from a deli, café, your retail store, coffee shop or snack bar.
  • A kitchen printer comes standard with every program sake is is a flexible communication feature
  • POS software for butcher shops is robust, stable, flexible and scalable solution that assists you when ordering out of stock items,
  • Automatically generating purchase orders by vendors or by lowest cost or to simply provide your staff the hardware and software system that easily prints out purchase orders to execute the following day.
  • The computer software can run small front end operations for standalone cash orientated butcher shops or as a retail store or retail outlets for larger wholesale processing and producing plants.
  • InfoTouch Pos software for butcher shops provides you the scalable flexibility to manage any operation from a centralized warehouse to multi-store environments.
  • Print up work orders for delivery or for independent deliver orders for customers or corporate clients
  • It works out of the box for credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and EBT integrated to the POS computer system.
  • It is also sold standard with a Touch Screen interface which is proven to be:
    software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

    • 33% faster for training employees
    • 40% less mistakes at the terminal
    • The graphical user interface is fast and helps cashiers ring up sales 25% faster  
    • Touch Screen Terminals provide greater accuracy than keyboard-based systems.
    • Sell service items by touching buttons and products by scanning or looking them up by description.
  • Full customer sales history is available to every employee to help with suggestions for additional sales and gift buyers.
  • Have even the newest employee get to know your clientele faster with the sales history and personal notes left by other employees. Many other services are available at the POS register

Real-time inventory tracking/reports and information all at our fingertips:

  • POS software for Butcher shops allows you to control, track and manage your inventory electronically in real-time. More theft happens in stores internally from employees then from customers. Take away the opportunity by tracking your inventory with our state-of-the-art system. This module is the core of the POS application. The system updates quantities on hand for each inventory record in real-time.
    • Additionally, each item can have a retail price plus 9 additional price levels
    • Be sourced from up to 10 different vendors
  • For Sales Promotions or standard in store pricing you can maintain a wide array of sophisticated pricing rules — such as:
    • Quantity unit pricing,
    • Fractional Quantities,
    • Buy 1 Get 1 Free,
    • Quantity Discount or Case Pricing,
    • 50% Off after 10 Items, etc.
  • Additional functionality includes:
    • a printable Notes field on the receipt,
    • Substitution, and Suggestive Selling
    • Alternate Keys and Open to Buy for departmental budget tracking and reporting.
  • Bar code label printing functionality is available to print:
    • UPC Price Labels,
    • Shelf Tags,
    • Received Item Price labels.
  • software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

  • Our POS software also supports the sale of items by weight with a built-in scale interface as well as multiple units of measure
  • Mange all employees, butchers, and hours
  • Anyone can clock in and clock out from any resister on the system
  • Print shift reports for employee scheduling
  • Full time clock is standard with Every POS software for butcher shops
  • Market to all your customers and send out email blasts or direct mailings to all your customers from you customer data base

InfoTouch POS software for butcher stores can help you manage and market you business to greater profitability.

Let us have an InfoTouch dealer call on you today and provide you a free quote and demo of our award winning software.