POS Software for Local / Organic Markets

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Since 1986 InfoTouch Corporation ™ has been providing POS software solutions for businesses on three continents. Our ground breaking achievements with touch screen integration allowed us to be on the cutting edge of the POS software industry.

Let our over 25 years of experience empower your business with the competitive edge an affordable, customizable, robust, scalable and stable POS software solution from InfoTouch Corporation ™.  Our POS software systems have been servicing and supporting small groceries and markets for over 20 years. Let us assist you to provide your business improved employee management; track-able, reportable and retail time inventory management, replenishment and procurement features, while reducing your costs elevating your branding and marketing along with increasing both cash flow and profitability.

software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

POS Software for Local / Organic Markets leverages over 25 years of POS software development and experience to empower your business with a wide array of customizable features and functionalities giving your business the competitive edge. InfoTouch POS software is affordable, customizable, robust, scalable and stable POS software solution.

  • From 1 – 60 terminals a location,
  • Complete Mobile solutions to roam your market inside or out
  • Run multiple functions from a single terminal
  • Full back office software with every terminal
  • Scalable Single or multi-store integrations
  • Source any product or inventory item with up to 10 different price points
  • Full accounts receivable system with:
    • Monthly Statement
    • Billing cycles
    • Multi-tiered pricing and discounts
    • Instant posting and adjustments from any terminal

Take and track any products provided to you on consignment!

software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

  • InfoTouch understands than many local and organic markets receive their local product on consignment and our POS software allows you the ability to track and manage and know the value of the inventory sold and consigned up to the second for any vendor.
  • The ability to track and manage the consignor’s sales is essential to the successful management and profitability of any market or grocery.
  • InfoTouch POS Software for Local / Organic Markets gives allows you the unique set of features to track every inventory item from each supplier / consignor providing inventory to the store.
  • InfoTouch POS software integrates the expansive customer data base allowing you to utilize it as a vendor list for suppliers.
  • This is not restricted and is without any limitations to the amount of vendors and sales history of inventory sold from that vendor.
  • All InfoTouch POS software for Local / Organic Markets has the functionality to provide the consignor credit or cash for payments on their in house account.
  • Many Markets understand that providing payment in a combination (often greater for store credit) for any customer or vendor can me a mutually beneficial transaction.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships build business and enhance all customers’ experience.
  • Vendors and customers providing you their items to place on sale can also become one of your best customers. Compelling them to utilize some of their resale sales revenue to purchase retail products at a lower cost using an inflated store credit is always cash flow wise for any merchant.
  • Our unique features in the InfoTouch POS Software for Local / Organic Markets  provides your business this track-able reportable function.
  • The ability to run a value purchase report at any time for all inventory sold by vendor/consignor and or all inventory still on hand from any person or consignor.
  • This valuable shop report can save you hours of bookkeeping and these reports are in real time. These reports can be run on the spot, live with real time information right when your consignor walks in the store.
  • The most requested report for sale / cost analysis and resale customers information at retail is the ability to run a report for all products sold by margins, high dollar or by percentage made on inventory sold by; either a specific consignor or regular customers. All standard in our software.

Print up work orders for delivery or for independent deliver orders for customers, wholesales or corporate clients

All POS software for Local / Organic Markets works out of the box with credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, your own customer loyalty cards along with SNAP/EBT integration to the POS computer system.

  • It is also sold standard with a Touch Screen interface which is proven to be:
    • 33% faster for training employees
    • 40% less mistakes at the terminal
    • The graphical user interface is fast and helps cashiers ring up sales 25% faster  
    • Touch Screen Terminals provide greater accuracy than keyboard-based systems.
    • Sell service items by touching buttons and products by scanning or looking them up by description.

InfoTouch POS software for Local / Organic Markets provides you flexible, affordable, customizable POS software that can help promote, brand, identify and  market your business. A robust customer database, customer loyalty, email and direct mail marketing features along with real time inventory are all standard in any InfoTouch POS Software for Local / Organic Markets platform sold.

  • Seamless integration with scanners / scales at the point-of-sale.  This allows for:
    • The ability to sell any inventory item by weight or other units of measure.  
    • To weigh anything needed for customers quickly and accurately preventing the loss of inventory and shrinkage which may become unaccounted for when people estimate sales.
    • Purchase and or receive any items in bulk by weight.  Vet and verify product sold in bulk.
    • Can and Jar your own products by weight or by any other unit of measure

The POS software for Local / Organic Markets reads and prints “Random Weight UPC Codes with Embedded Price” out-of-the-box.

  • Print and read bar codes from your independent standalone scales
  • Read and print bar codes from scales that produce “Random Weight UPC Codes” with or without Embedded Prices.
  • All InfoTouch POS Software for Local / Organic Markets can read and print bar codes out of the box.

InfoTouch POS Software for Local / Organic Markets offers an optional integration model that allows you to purchase a high end label and barcode application integrates:  This Specialized Bar Code and Label Option upgrade is provide your business exceptional features to:

  • Label all products with colorful graphics
  • The Picked On date
  • Packed On date
  • Throw Away date
  • For all products local or organic products
  • Flexible and professional Color graphics for labeling, dating and branding your own products.

software, POS, sale, inventory, liquor store, POS software, customer, and retail stores.

InfoTouch POS software for Local / Organic Markets provide integrated touch screen POS systems that work with credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash, customer loyalty and gift cards.

A unique feature available to you is Kit Explosion.  The Kit Explosion function allows you to:

  • Combine any farm dairy, fruit or agricultural item
  • Add labor and time along with any additional items purchased
  • Generate a brand new SKU number for your new unique product that, when sold, will extract all the necessary items from inventory from the kit you have created
  • Move and sell older or seasonal products
  • Combine current products with slower moving products
  • Set your business apart by constructing unique, appealing offerings for your customers
  • Fill your business with unique complementary items that are tractable and unique

Go Mobile:

Go mobile with InfoTouch POS Software for Local / Organic Markets your are flexible and can utilize mobile tablets that allow you the same features and functionalities found in your standard terminal. Sell, print receipts, scan and walk the store have out door displays, seasonal planting and growing centers or sidewalk sales with mobility and flexibility.

Update customer billing in real-time, add customers to your database, sell, spot check inventory clearance and manage your inventory from anywhere in the store.

Walk, sell, invoice and add a customer to your database anywhere.

Over 2,000 reports are available standard with every InfoTouch POS software system for Local / Organic Markets.  Run any report for a sale, inventory total sales by department. Reports for:

  • Inventory sales reports,
  • Sales history reports,
  • Standing inventory valuation report,
  • Sale inventory turns and
  • Retail margin by item or department to mention only a few

There is a wealth of information in the customer data base that comes standard with every InfoTouch POS computer system:

  • Entire purchase history of every customer is available
  • Full accounts receivable package
  • An extensive notes field for each customer is available in the customer data base to allow customized information for each client or business. Put in birthdays, the birth of a new child or other information that can help all your employees connect and enhance the communication and experience for your customers.
  • A full integrated customer loyalty package
  • View the customer’s trends and understand what items they purchase along with days and hours they visit.
  • All POS software for Yogurt Shops provides free email marketing and labels for direct mail marketing to your customer base.
  • A full customer retention program is available for marketing, discounting and promoting special events, sales or offers.
  • Offer reminders to the customer for specials sales or in store events that the customer has interest in
  • Add on additional sales by utilizing suggestive selling asking to join your retention or VIP customer program
  • Viewing their sales history and make suggestions of upcoming sales and specials
  • Take special orders or work orders for events or parties with or without deposits!
  • Providing an enhanced customer experience is the key for any business and with a robust customer data base you can provide that enhanced experience to your customers and empower you employees

POS Software for Local / Organic Markets by InfoTouch Corporation ™ can provide your business affordable, scalable, robust and customizable systems with touch screen hardware.

The ability to take cash, credit cards, debit cards, issue and accept both gift cards, SNAP/EBT cards and loyalty cards from all your customers.

The ability to also put in a local organic restaurant,  concession stand, salad bar, snack bar, coffee shop or any counter service restaurant is also a standard option with any InfoTouch Software system purchased.

Contact us today for more information so we can help you realize how your business can utilize the affordable, feature rich, award winning POS software system with inventory management, customer tracking and rewards features that will provide you the tools to manage and market your Local / Organic Grocery or Market so your POS system can provide you increased sale growth, cash flow and profits!


All award winning InfoTouch POS software platforms have been certified PCI compliant TWICE with the Visa and Master card industry standards! 

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