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Since 1986 InfoTouch POS software solutions have been empowering owners and managers with a robust, flexible, scalable, customizable POS business management software solution to improve the management, cash flow and sales of your Local, Organic, Co-Op or small Grocery Store(s). InfoTouch POS software for Grocery Stores is EBT and EMV ready. The software provides cost effective single store solutions as well as multistore locations with the Enterprise Manager “Store to the Core” multi-store software. InfoTouch Grocery Store POS is affordable and used in many specialty grocery, local, organic or Co-Op grocery locations across the US.

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(for Local, Organic, Specialty & Co-Op businesses)

Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Grocery is EMV & EBT Ready. Integrated credit card, debit card, EBT, gift and loyalty cards working out of the box.

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1. Seamless Integration with Scales

Embedded scales at the checkout are tied directly to the POS. You can sell or purchase any items in bulk or break down items from a bulk purchase to sell. InfoTouch POS Software provides a seamless integration with scales allowing you to sell or receive items by bulk weight. Receive in pounds, gallons or any quantity and sell the same products by the ounces, pints or any unit of measure. The software also prints and reads standard barcodes out of the box including random weight barcodes, and price embedded barcodes. You also have the functionality to print, read, or scan using UPC 2, EAN/UPC format. The software scales functions are all NTEP Certified.

InfoTouch POS Marketing Sales Promotion feature icon

2. Marketing, Sales & Promotions

The sale pricing matrix in every InfoTouch POS Software for Grocery allows you to maintain a wide array of sophisticated pricing rules that will enhance your marketing and purchasing by your customers.

  • Mix or match buy any 3 Fresh Juices ($2.49 or more) and get $1 off.
  • Buy any 5 healthy snack specials under $3.99 and get 15% off.
  • Buy any 2 Fruit or Veggie trays and get a $2 discount deli voucher
  • Quantity unit pricing Buy 5 or more and get a 10% discount on all
  • Fractional Quantities
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Quantity Discount or Case Pricing
InfoTouch POS Sell by Weight feature icon

3. Multiple Units of Measure by Weight

Read and convert Random Weight purchases or sales. In any Grocery Store you have to be able to manage, receive, sell and accurately track by multiple units of measure. You can perform conversions for any unit of measure, pounds to ounces, gallons to ounces, liters to milliliters etc.

InfoTouch POS Create SKUs feature icon

4. Multiple Units of Measure by Item

If you purchase Beer or Soda (sold as singles, purchased by the case or resold in other configurations) as well as candy, and snacks, anything that is purchased in a case quantity and resold individually or in other configuration groups the software saves you time and money while accurately tracking your sales. Sell, track and manage your inventory with a system that provides the business values and for multiple units of measure sold in many different configurations. This is the only way to track, reorder, manage and run reports for your quantity on hand and your true cost and margin of the goods you are selling.

InfoTouch POS Create Your Own SKUs feature icon

5. Create your own SKU’s or PLU’s

For local and in-house products any products can be easily tracked and managed by creating your own SKU’s and printing a bar code or shelf tag for that product. Track and manage any inventory item. All these in-house SKU’s are integrated into all reports for profit and loss, movement, reordering and quantity on hand.

InfoTouch POS Work Orders feature icon

6. Work Orders

Generate work orders for pick up or delivery of any products ordered and picked up later from your clientele. You also have the ability to take and apply a deposit to any order a delivery charge and to recall an order at any time.

Additional Key Features

Hot Keys

Hot keys are extremely popular in most Small Grocery environments because it increases the speed and simplicity at the checkout and allows your employees to expedite the most popular transactions quickly for your customers.


These are special keys you can create, change and name around your hottest selling items and promotions. These are often the Commonly Purchased SKU’s or best sellers that are hot, sale priced or common purchased inventory products like: bags of ice, newspapers, and bottle deposits returns where once you hit the button all you have to do is enter the quantity.

Replenishment Module

Set MIN/MAX quantities for every inventory item so a PO will trigger in replenishment automatically and print out with the daily close reports every night any items reaching their minimum quantity on hand.


Execute the PO and review from your vendor list identifying: fastest ship, lowest price, best terms and other factors before finalizing the PO. When editing or adding to a purchase order you can have the ability to review the entire sales history for any inventory item on the same screen and at the same time you’re compiling or finalizing any purchase order.

Allows for Fractional Quantities

Take any sale down to the 4th decimal point to allow for fractional quantities received or sold. Adjustments to fractional quantities can be made at any time and even adjusted at checkout with the proper security clearance.


EBT is available with any system and EBT split tender acceptance is available.

Bottle Deposits

Manage and track any bottle deposits and Bottle Deposit Returns paid out to the customers.

Age Verification

This module is available at the POS manually or is provided with license scanning technology for confirmation. Both options can be set to mandate your employees to either scan or manually view, verify and enter a birthdate for age verification.

Multiple SKU’s

The software provides you the ability to assign multiple SKU’s for any inventory item. You can track and pull reports for up to 160 alternative SKU’s for any individual inventory item. This provides you flexibility and allows precise tracking, management and reordering of all your inventory no matter which vendor you purchased from or are restocking with the inventory item from.


All employees can clock in/clock out through any register, tablet or terminal in the system while managers can monitor and adjust these ‘punches’ accordingly. In addition to hourly and salaried wage rates, the system calculates individual or group commission plans, bonuses, and spiffs for employees. Employee shift scheduling is also available.


The margins on lottery sales are thin so don’t let those profits leak out: Manage and track all you Lottery Sales and your Lottery Payouts so you can reconcile to the penny.

Hand Held Inventory

Provides you the flexibility to:

  • Generate wireless Purchase Orders from the Handheld Inventory Gun
  • Perform any price changes, pricing updates or sale pricing.
  • Provides you the ability for quick random inventory checks and to expedite any full store or yearend inventory.

Shift Closeouts

You don’t have to leave the register to perform your shift closeout making it one step for any shift change employee. The shift closeout function provides you options to set with every employee’s security profile. You can allow an employee to perform the standard closeout and have the balance of the till provided to them for confirmation or you can set them to a “Blind Closeout” which has them perform the closeout without knowing the totals that are calculated for the till so they can be audited and reviewed later.

System Security

Security in our systems is second to none. 8 standard levels of security access are in each software but you also can customize each employee profile within any level that allows you to provide access to or deny permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common.


This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels all the way down to each button security. All the security functions work for single store operations as well as Multi-Store chains that run the InfoTouch “Store to the Core” Enterprise Manager software.

Time and Attendance module

Login from any Terminal or Tablet. Provides gross wage calculations. Allows for “Blind Closing” of shifts. Managers can be allowed access to adjust these entries. In addition to hourly and salaried wage rates, the system calculates commissions. Employee shift scheduling is also available.

Real Time Inventory

The quantity on hand should always match the quantity on your shelf because all sales, purchases and inventory is updated in real time. Run an Inventory Value Report by department or for the whole store at any time to provide you actual quantities on hand and the total value of the on hand inventory.

Counter Service Hospitality Functions

If you are running a counter service hospitality business inside your store(s) serving: sandwiches, pies, breakfast, lunch, local eats, drinks, subs, pizza or burgers, the functions for this business are already integrated in the InfoTouch Software and we provide a kitchen printer for a kitchen operation.

System Security

All InfoTouch software systems come with 8 standard levels of security access. Each employee added to the security has a customizable profile that allows you to fully customize access and permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common. This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels. All the security functions work for single store operations as well as Multi-Store chains that run the InfoTouch “Store to the Core” Enterprise Manager software.


Run 1,000’s of different reports in real-time with date ranges and other sort field options. Inventory sales reports, Sales history reports, Standing Inventory valuation report, Sale turns, and Retail margin by item or department to name just a few of the popular reports.

Inventory Sales Levels and Vendor options

If you have high volume purchaser’s like clubs, business, coop buying groups or individuals that purchase from you at different price levels then maintaining your margin integrity on those sales critical. The software provides you the ability to source up to 10 different sale price levels, 9 after your retail price, for any inventory item. This allows flexible discount pricing for your business while still protecting your margins with every sale.

A/R Module

The integrated Accounts Receivable module can print/email detailed customer statements. View, email or print customer and/or client mailing labels based on shopping activity or inactivity. Set up wholesale accounts and provide discounts associated with your 10 different sale pricing levels. Take payments on account at the checkout on the fly, provide terms and credit limits to any account. Manage and track all sales and discounts.

“In our fresh meat and fish area of the store the scales print any barcodes by weight for customers looking for fresh and custom cuts. It allows us to take special orders and party orders through work orders. We like that we can take deposits and adjust the order any time even when they come for pick it up and we recall it. We carry over 70,000 items and the software does a good job of tracking and managing the inventory and all of the employees. We also use the sale pricing features on many items with discounts if you buy larger quantity so it helps our customer buy more at better prices.”

Sam – The Fresh Market
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Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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