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InfoTouch POS for Pet Stores

The POS Software for Pet Stores and Pet Service Centers provides you the tools to manage and track your customers, employees and inventory. If you own a pet store, your employees will have no problem ringing up food, toys, treats, and even live animal purchases, such as fish or birds. If you own a pet service center, such as a grooming salon, veterinary office, then our easy-to-navigate touch screen interface will make scheduling purchases, inventory management, appointments and tracking your clients easier than ever!

InfoTouch Pet Store POS ™

Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS for Pet Stores & Service Centers comes EMV ready w/P2P Encryption. Integrated credit card, debit card and gift card and loyalty cards working out of the box.

InfoTouch POS Replenishment Module feature icon

1. Replenishment Module

Set MIN/MAX quantities for every inventory item so a PO will trigger in replenishment automatically and print out with the daily close reports every night any items reaching their minimum quantity on hand. Execute the PO and review from your vendor list identifying: fastest ship, lowest price, best terms and other factors before finalizing the PO. When editing or adding to a purchase order you can have the ability to review the entire sales history for any inventory item on the same screen and at the same time you’re compiling or finalizing any purchase order.

InfoTouch POS Seamless Integration w Scales feature icon

2. Seamless Integration with Scales

Embedded scales at the checkout can be tied directly to the POS. You can sell or purchase any items in bulk or break down items from a bulk purchase to sell in bags or in smaller quantities. InfoTouch Pet Store™ provides you a seamless integration with scales. Receive in pounds, gallons or any quantity and sell the same products by the ounces, pints or any unit of measure. The software also prints and reads standard barcodes, random weight barcodes, and price embedded barcodes out-of-the-box or from standalone scales. Additionally, you have the functionality to print, read, or scan using either the UPC 2 format or the EAN/UPC format. The software scales functions are all NTEP Certified.

InfoTouch POS Email Marketing feature icon

3. Generating Email Marketing Campaigns

This software provides you countless ways to pull and market to your customer base. Your entire customer base can receive marketing promotions or specifically targeted lists can be surfaced allowing you target market to customized groups, organizations or groups. With InfoTouch Pet Store™ you can pull a specific direct marketing email campaign through an integrated customer database. You can offer specials on slow days, you can drive sales for products carried by tying into a service 10% off dog food after a shampoo or with a straight discount offer: buy 1 get the second for 25% off. You can use the customer sales history to send out a targeted marking campaign just to your dog or cat owners, throw a customer appreciation night with register wo win prizes or generate a coupon for a discount on a specific item or group of items. If you have any organizations, companies, or clubs you can directly market and promote to offer VIP or buying club discounts or information. Promoting to originations, clubs and groups can only enhance your market reach, sales and profits.

InfoTouch POS Quantity Unit Pricing feature icon

4. Quantity Unit Pricing

This feature allows you to set up a threshold for a price then if that threshold is achieved the software will charge a new lower price for the items. This also can tie in directly to the wholesale sourced pricing you have already set in your customer database.
For Example:

  • Buy 1-5 bags of Dog Food and receive the standard price.
  • Buy 6-10 bags of Dog Food and receive a different set price.
  • Buy 11-15 bags of Dog Food and receive another preset price.
  • and then buy 16 or more bags of Dog Food and receive another preset price.

For the bags the software even allows you to scan the bags or just one bag enter the quantity and the new price will appear on the screen when building an order or checking out a customer.

InfoTouch POS Multiple Units of Measure feature icon

5. Multiple Units of Measure

Read and convert Random Weight purchases or sales. In any Pet Store you have to be able to manage, receive, sell and accurately track by multiple units of measure. You can perform conversions for any unit of measure, pounds to ounces, gallons to ounces, etc. You can individually: scan, sell, track, and analyze sales by any configuration or by any unit of measure accurately and precisely. Receive by the ton, Case, pound, gallon or cubic yard and sell in smaller denominations by the pound, ounce, Piece, Each, etc. Every item can be tracked back to a single SKU. Run reports for all the items received in any configuration you desire. No matter how it is received or sold if you break down larger quantities to smaller ones for sale you will still have accurate real-time costs, quantity on hand and margins for all products sold.

InfoTouch POS Lookup Search feature icon

6. Look Up/Search

You have the ability to find any inventory item 6 different ways in seconds for a customer or when constructing a PO. InfoTouch Pet Store™ allows you easy access to search all real-time inventory from any terminal or tablet.
Search by:

  • Key Word/Wild Card Search
  • UPC
  • Alternative Key
  • The notes that are referenced to the item
  • Location on premises
  • The vendor/distributor number

Additional Key Features

Multiple SKU’s

The software provides you the ability to assign multiple SKU’s for any inventory item. You can track, create and pull reports for up to 160 alternative SKU’s for any individual inventory item. This provides you flexibility and allows precise tracking, management and reordering of all your inventory no matter which vendor you purchased from or are restocking with the inventory item from.

System Security

All InfoTouch software systems come with 8 standard levels of security access. Each employee added to the security has a customizable profile that allows you to fully customize access and permissions for that individual. Granting access and exceptions to different users inside the same level of access is very common. This includes granting or limiting access and permissions within many standard security levels. All the security functions work for single store operations as well as Multi-Store chains that run the InfoTouch “Store to the Core” Enterprise.

Create your own SKU’s

For local products that you offer like your own mix and brands of dog food, feed, cat food etc. or regionally purchased you are selling. Any products that you want to scan and sell allow you better management and tracking of your inventory while providing a fast enjoyable customer experience, InfoTouch Pet Store™ provides you all the tools. Any product can be easily tracked, labeled and managed in the software. You can create your own unique SKU’s and associated barcodes.


Generate, print, apply and scan you own unique barcodes to track and manage any inventory item. All these in-house SKU’s are integrated into all your reports for real-time profit and loss, movement, reordering, reordering, quantity on hand and inventory value reports.

Multiple Units of Measure

If you purchase anything by the case and resell the items in other configurations (Like individually, in pairs or in any group) even treats, and toys the software saves you time and money while accurately tracking your sales. Sell, track and manage your inventory with InfoTouch Pet Store™ because the business software provides you clear management for multiple units of measure sold in many different configurations. This is the only way to track, reorder, manage and run reports for your quantity on hand to know the true cost and margin of the goods you are selling.


Run 1,000’s of different reports in real-time with date ranges and other sort field options. Inventory sales reports, Sales history reports, Standing Inventory valuation report, Sale turns, and Retail margin by item or department to name just a few of the popular reports.

Quantity Based Discounting

This sophisticated sale pricing matrix comes with every system and provides enhanced flexibility to market, promote and track your inventory. It allows:

  • Mix or match buy any 3 pull toys and get 2 dollars off the group.
  • Buy any 4 or more bags of our homemade dog or cat food and get 15% off. (You do not have to group anything together. The software counts the number of bags and provides the discount after 4 are reached
  • Buy any 2 red tag specials and get a training whistle.

Hot Keys

Hot keys are extremely popular for high volume and sale items that are sold every day. They can increase the speed and simplicity at the checkout while allowing your employees to expedite the most popular transactions quickly for your customers. These are special keys you can create, change and name around your hottest selling items and promotions. These are often the Commonly Purchased SKU’s or best sellers that are hot, sale priced or purchased all day long.

Detailed Commission Tracking

Manage and track commissions for any contracted service provider and all employees. The software provides many options for you to add commissions for any items sold to clients incentivizing both your regular employees and even your contracted trainer, groomers and other service providers Split commissions between multiple sales people, trainers, educators, vets or any employees. by item or department. Incentivize your team and provide commissions on slow moving inventory product.

Time Management Module

One of the largest costs for any service or retail business is the cost of employees. Time management and scheduling employee’s and adjusting for either sales trends, appointment changes or both is crucial when successfully managing and maximizing your team. Maintaining auditable cost controls for your employees is easy with the time and attendance modules that comes standard with every system. Maintaining accurate records of all employee hours and gross wage calculations are at the center of the Employee Module.


All employees can clock in/clock out through any register, tablet or terminal in the system while managers can monitor and adjust these ‘punches’ accordingly. In addition to hourly and salaried wage rates, the system calculates individual or group commission plans, bonuses, contests, and spiffs for employee. Employee shift scheduling is also available.

Along with all the features above InfoTouch Pet Store™ also provides you all the service tools needed to take appoints and run a full pet salon or service center.

Fully Integrated Appointment Book

Fully Integrated Appointment Book: For Retail Pet Stores that also offer services or for Pet Grooming Salons centers InfoTouch Pet Store™ offers a fully integrated Appointment Book with the POS that provides you both an award winning retail management software package along with a sophisticated appointment booking software. The history of all the previous appointments and sales history along with the customer notes field in the customer database ensures that you’re always matching up the right pet with the right service provider. The InfoTouch Pet Store™ POS system allows you to quickly and efficiently review the availability of your groomers, bathers, sales clerks, trainers and other employees. It’s easy to pull up existing clients and add new clients into your database. Book one or more services and providers for any pet. You can even review appointment status by client (canceled, confirmed, paid, no show, etc.) and the type of customer (new customer, repeat customer, consultation, etc.).

Scheduling Multiple Services

The software is very flexible and you can book multiple services for any one pet or appointments as well as having the flexibility to assign multiple service providers to any appointment or pet. Add trainers, and a variety of different service techs to any appointment. The software can add multiple services to any visit. Book reoccurring appointments in a snap. Easily scheduled with the same providers for the same pet as reoccurring. For Example: set the reoccurring appoint for the first Tuesday of every month. InfoTouch Pet Store™ provides you exceptional features that will allow you to successfully run a retail pet store, grooming salon, veterinary office, or offer a variety of pet services under one full pet service center.

“By having our stock levels monitored on need basis versus a want basis our inventory costs have dropped and cash flow has increased. The guess work of ordering has been removed by setting min/max levels allowing cash flow for other products.”

Rick – The Companion Shop
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Pet Store POS Demo Video

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Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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