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The InfoTouch POS Software for Smoke Shops, Vape Shops (e-cigarettes) and Dispensaries allows you to control, track, manage and maximize your inventory turns electronically in real-time. For over 30 years InfoTouch has been providing award winning POS software solutions for retail stores, smoke shops and cigar stores. Manage your tobacco buy-downs, automatically scan, sort and generate purchase orders by vendor, manufacturer, and distributor as well as by carton, pack or case. Print and create any SKU’s to track and manage any inventory item. Sell and sale price by multiple units of measure. If opening a new location or if you are looking for a solution for a chain of retail locations InfoTouch Smoke Shop POS Software is scalable, flexible and affordable providing you the business management features, you need to successfully manage and operate your location(s).

InfoTouch Smoke Shop POS™

Top Key Software Features

InfoTouch POS Software for Smoke Shops comes EMV Ready with integrated credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards working out of the box.

InfoTouch POS Reports Module feature

1. PM USA Weekly Scan Data Report Available (PMUSASD)

InfoTouch has completed integration and has been approved to provide all merchants with the electronic Philip Morris USA Cigarette Scan Data report feature. This report allows the merchant to receive credits for purchases and is now an electronically integrated approved feature with our POS software. The feature is now available with the InfoTouch POS Software for Smoke Shops, the InfoTouch POS Software for Liquor Stores and InfoTouch POS Software for Convenience Stores (C-Stores).

InfoTouch POS Quantity Brand Discounting feature icon

2. Alternative or Multiple SKU’s

The software provides you the ability to assign alternative or multiple SKU’s for any inventory item. You can track and pull reports for up to 120 alternative SKU’s for any individual inventory item. This provides you flexibility and allows precise tracking, management and reordering of your entire inventory no matter which vendor you purchased from or are restocking with the inventory item from.

InfoTouch POS Quantity Brand Discounting feature icon

3. Quantity based discounting

Quantity based discounting is only one of the many sophisticated software functions you are provided to market and sell your goods on sale. For Example:

    • Buy two packs get a $1 off
    • Buy 2 Get 1 Free
    • Buy 3 cigars from the humidor get a free lighter
    • Buy 2 pipes get a free cleaning kit
    • Save 10 % off with purchase of 5 or 10 qualifying items

These are just a few ways to promote and market your inventory.

InfoTouch POS Optional Set Gross Profit feature icon

4. Optionally Set Gross Profit

Set your gross profit on any item or department to a Fixed Percentage over cost, Fixed Dollar over cost, or set to Calculated. If cost goes up and the item is set on Fixed % or Fixed Dollar gross profit, then the prices will automatically change as well allowing the merchant to maintain margins.

InfoTouch POS Price Override feature icon

5. Price Override at the Register

The software allows for customer based discounts at the register if the employee security profile allows it. There are extensive security levels with every Smoke Shop POS Software System sold. If you choose to allow the Price Override feature, then adjustments can be made on-the-fly by any security level authorized employee at the register. As with all changes made by any employee logged into the system, you can review the logs and run reports on the discounts provided for any employee or shift.

InfoTouch POS Create Your Own SKUs feature icon

6. Create your own SKU’s

For any inventory items that come to you without bar codes, you can quickly and easily create, print, and apply barcodes to track and manage all your inventory items. Products may be purchased overseas, or from manufacturers that do not label the individual items. If you are breaking down cigar boxes for singles or weighing and bagging your own bulk tobacco for customers, anything can be easily tracked and managed by creating and applying your own bar codes for that product. You can even preprint labels for yet to arrive Purchase Orders so employees know the labels have to be applied before displaying the new inventory in the store. All these in-house SKU’s/Barcodes are integrated into all reports for profit and loss, movement, reordering and quantity on hand.

Additional Key Features

Sell by Multiple Units of Measure

Sell, track in inventory and receive purchases from vendors by cartons, packs, and singles. Purchased products by the carton and sell by the pack or even as single units all while maintaining the correct inventory counts, your costs and profit margins in all configurations in your system.

Age Verification:

Have the software prompt for age confirmation by either manually entering the birthdate at the point-of-sale or by using scanning technology to verify an ID before proceeding with any sale. The software can be set to automatically prompt for a verifiable scan or manual entry to confirm the customer’s age requirement before allowing any employee to finalize a sale.

Touch Adjustment during Tender

The Intuitive Touch Screen Interphase allows fast and convenient adjustments during any sale. Touch the line and adjust/edit any item quantity or price on-the-fly during checkout.

Suggestive Selling

Give your employees the tools to sell more. Provide them access to complementary products and replacement sales so they can access information at the checkout or from any terminal or tablet.


Sell more and give the customers more options by providing employees suggestive selling notes from that customer and give them full access allowing them to review any customer’s entire sales history with special notes (like birthday, wife birthday, anniversary or favorite products) for that customer on screen during any sale.

Transform Vendor cost increases and/or decreases

The software provides you this function over many items in a single button or while replenishing from a PO or receiving off invoice.

Button Set up and Pictures

Set up pictures on some or all of the buttons at checkout for easy identification. You can also show full pictures of any items on the terminal to view at any time. This can be an additional sales tool to assist, identify or confirm any inventory item for a customer during a sale.

Prints, Reads, Scans Bar Codes Out-of-the-Box

Create your own SKU’s and print barcodes to track your entire inventory, (like the butterfly labels used in jewelry stores) to tag and track even your smallest items or cigars. Create and print bar code labels for any items without a UPC code and read bar codes for all inventory items. Print corresponding shelf tags with UPC codes for any items.

Replenishment Module

Automatically generate PO’s nightly based on Sales History or Min/Max quantity threshold levels you set. View entire sales history for any item while compiling PO’s and you can view all vendors for any PO, reviewing them for best terms, lowest cost, or fastest ship replenishment before finalizing.

Scales Interface Seamlessly at the POS

Ring up any items sold by weight, including bulk tobacco, directly at the Point-Of-Sale. You can easily sell or receive any items by Bulk Units of Measure (Oz, Lb. or Gal.). I can be anything, pipe tobacco or bulk cigarette tobacco and any other items sold and or purchased in bulk by weight.

Security Levels

There are 8 different security levels available in the software. Each level has customizable profiles to allow exceptions and permissions above or below the level provided. Lock out access or allow additional access to many parts of the software for each individual at your discretion.


The margins on lottery sales are thin so don’t let those profits leak out. Manage and track all you Lottery Sales and your Lottery Payouts so you can reconcile to the penny.

Customer Account DB

The full customer database tracks the entire sales history of every customer. This includes past discounts, quantities and trends for a particular customer. Build your customer lists with their information and email addresses and even birthdays. This allows you to run reports and then send out targeted or global email marketing blasts you customers.


Target your most frequently shopped and the highest volume purchasers. Start a VIP loyalty club, offer customers discounts and sale incentives. Provide them to businesses, clubs and originations. Track customer loyalty (Points or Store Credit) and gift cards when they are VIP or loyalty members. Gathering personal information and running scans of purchases allows customized information to be added for targeted email campaigns, new products or sale notifications for items they purchase regularly. Set up special programs, clubs or customer appreciation nights. (invitation only) Give away free products from your vendors and promote new products to try.

Manufacturing coupons

Accept and process manufacturing coupons.

"InfoTouch has been a great investment for our cigar store. The system is very intuitive and easy to use making training of employees quick and simple. But it is more than just an easy to use POS system, the in-depth sales analysis, along with the great inventory reports, from the software make our jobs easier and our store more profitable. After the sale support has also been great with quick replies to any concerns or questions."

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Smoke Shop POS Demo Video

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Many Standard Features

Every InfoTouch POS System is packed with standard features.


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